If You Want to Get Your Creativity Back, Be with a Sharp Mind Again and Get More Confident,

then you are in the right place

Do you have a job interview, a major life decision, a health consultation, new relationship? Don’t stress, don’t cloud the state of your mind. Gift yourself, or family and friends with a seaside card reading that gives complete and sensible answers.

Plan Appointment

You are welcome to schedule time with me and we will see what is best for you. For the first no-obligation call I will have half an hour to get clarity on where you are at. Then, I will put aside two hours for you and we will slow down in order to design your way forward.

I welcome you with no judgment and compassion. Click the blue-button to ‘Schedule time with me’ and you easily pick a date, then please show up. That’s all. I will take it from there.



These are 1:1 sessions devoted to you. You are the one in charge. You are provided with a confidential space where anything that comes up for you is ok. There’s a structure to each session, using a specific protocol and creating awareness for you to be empowered.

Card reading

Card readings can be fun and lighthearted. It takes between 15 to 45 minutes and you get to hear the universal wisdom that they have for you at the moment. If you are uncertain, speak with us to find out more.

delina smiling

About me

Hello, I’m Delina and I will be your coach or tarot reader or both.

I am an idealist who would do the right thing even when no one is looking. My working habits that you can rely on our balance and taking action. Essentially, I am a  motivator to those who really need it and the one that takes the lead.

Miller Anthony

I have had numerous sessions with Delina. She is very sensitive and very dialled into her own energy/body and able to use her intuition to help me get the results I often need not just want. As a coach myself, I’d highly recommend her.

Stephen Coe

Delina is one of the most compassionate teachers I have worked with. She is in it with you all the way. I would not hesitate in recommending Delina to anyone who is genuinely interested in spiritual growth.

Juan Cuéllar Torres

Delina is a joyful and energetic woman. While transmitting her passion, she was able to see in me my potential and encourage me to live up to it. I admire her for that.


Awesome experience!!! Right on with all the details! She is fantastic and I really felt like her all was put into the reading. Very thorough and complete. I Highly recommend Delina! 10 out of 10 Experience. Thanks Again.

Dilyana Dimitrova

Sensitive, smart, easily catching the collective emotion, open-minded. Enjoy working with her!

Michelle Gabriel

Great reading, accurate, appropriate and timely. Really in-depth, a lot for me to take in, I had to read through it quite a few times as there was so much information. Thank you, Delina.


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