What do you want to hear?

Seaside card reading for the spiritually sensitive people, guided by the Divine Feminine in me, approaching the year from 4 different perspectives.

I am most excited about the first perspective šŸ™‚ of course, which is the genitals. Zoom out, I said, and they saw only Toxic – Uninviting energy. So then the cards spoke and said we need Listening. What do we, the vaginas and the penises, want to hear? I thought this was incredibly empowering because it turned the focus back to us, instead of listening to something out there, it is listening to ourselves and a step deeper, it is identifying what we actually want to hear.

The second perspective is the Heart. I wanted to know what our heart needs. How can we serve the emotions, the inner child, the feelings, the senses, and the sensitivities we have developed? The answer was clear: Affirm that your income is constantly increasing. Be the inclusivity that we all need and include the energy of money, prosperity and wealth into your heart centre. This year, thinking happens in your heart, not in your head. 2023 is the year when heart-centred consciousness grows more than ever.

I wanted to go higher than the chest of my body, asking what we needed in order to think from somewhere higher than the heart itself. I saw myself going beyond the Earth, looking back at our Planet. Free will and a world of possibilities, where literally everything is possible, what is the 1 CARD and this is what I got:


2023 - imagine

4th perspective is the location. Where do I go to connect with you? The Still.

The mountains – particularly in Bulgaria, Bansko.


2023 - values

Not in any particular order:

HappinessĀ CooperationĀ RealismĀ DepthĀ FavoursĀ TimeĀ ImaginationĀ 

More about each value:

Happiness: to be content, cheerful and joyous. to experience life satisfaction, subjective well-being, eudaimonia, flourishing and overall well-being.

Cooperation: to work collaboratively with others. The process of working together, toward the same end or common goal and lending assistance, readily agreeing to do what is wanted or requested during that process.

Realism: to be in reality instead of fantasy or illusion. Seeing, feeling and perceiving things (and therefore acting in accordance with things) as they really are. To perceive and accept a thing or a situation as it is and be prepared to deal with it accordingly and realistically. What is ‘real’ matters to me.

Depth: to be curious about and to know the truth of that which exists beneath the surface of things. To go further and beyond what meets the eye. To get to the bottom of things. To transcend superficial perspective. This includes complex and profound thought as well as the search for meaning and the why inherent in everything.

Favours: to receive or to give service-oriented actions as a way of receiving or expressing love. Acts of service, kindness and support beyond what is due or usual and with no sense of obligation. Such as cooking a meal, doing the laundry, fixing a car, running an errand or going out of their way for me.

Time: to be grateful for and appreciate and make good use of my time as opposed to wasting it. To do what I want by design instead of the default. To plan how to spend my time wisely. To act as if and to let other people know that my time is valuable.

Imagination: to have and be surrounded by creative new ideas, images and concepts not yet observed by the senses.

in summary: 2023 is the year for your imagination to go REAL. You want to keep it real this year by affirming the constant increase of your income and by answering the single most expansive question: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HEAR? which should be answered honestly by your genitals. This year, you will find stillness in high-altitude places like the mountains or any peak. Your values are important, they drive your decisions and choices and actions. 2023 has its own set of values, which I think are very suitable.

With that, I want to wish you a happy new year and may it be a prosperous one. Look for the ways in which love speaks to you every day, look for the things that your vagina or your penis wants to hear. Get that quantum alignment and perhaps transition the generosity from outwardly to inwardly, whereby you include Nature.

With love.





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