Hey there,

Last week I announced the spring preparations for the whole of march will be focused on Possessions and revealing the 3 MOST common levels.

Today I am going to reveal each one the levels and I want you to think about how each level shows up in your life. How much possessions do you have to get rid of or to give away or perhaps to sell.

The 3 MOST common levels of possessions are:




Which one takes your attention first? Is it the emotional… how many unresolved wounds do you have, perhaps you have some heartaches, or scars from playing rough and tumble with bits of pain still in you.

May be it’s the mental possessions? This one is a biggie and I am going to talk a lot more in detail about mental and intellectual possession in two weeks time. Stay tuned. Sign up for the email to come to your inbox.

Physical possessions is I think the most common one and everyone always remembers this one. You know, it goes by the “oh my clothes don’t fit in my wardrobe anymore, each year I take a whole bin bag full of clothes to the charity shop.” Again, there is much to done in preparation for Spring.

I think now I want to ask a big question and I hope to see your answers in the comments below.


Take this question with you and think about it for a second. Then if you feel like it, I would like to invite you to talk to a friend about the 3 MOST common levels of possessions and the question “How would I know what to get rid of?”.

I give my answer to this question in the FREE webinar tomorrow. Feel free to register for it following this link. 

Next… for the following 3 Wednesdays I am going to write about the 3 MOST common levels of possessions and how to prepare on each level so that  by the time Spring come, your mind, body and soul is welcoming and open.

With love and with light.



p.s. Teal will talk about Openness (Why it is Crucial to Be Open). And don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday for my guidance on how to de-clutter at the FIRST layer of possessions. 

p.s.s. Please leave a comment below, it is my greatest wish to start a community where we can all feel free to share and express. Thank you in advance.