A new offer.

30 Days life coach is a new initiative that you can take advantage of. We will try it. Just try it OK.

You can dip in and out as and when you like. This is to test if having a life coach available everyday can benefit your life. You can find out more about what is life coaching in this article but for now…

Each day, a Consciousness Coach® will be available for questions, short coaching calls, actual coaching sessions or clarity conversations, whatever your needs are the coach will accommodate.


Have you ever worked on your website or something technical and you wondered, if only there was someone there… that I can ask one question and move on with it. I sometimes have this wondering when it comes to my caravan and bits breaking or not working. I love the fact that my caravan man is available to me 24/7. He is a real person that I met and quite liked (wink wink) (nothing to wink about) and I trust that he will reply to my questions as and when he can. So why not have the same with a Consciousness Coach®?

So… to enter this 30 Days Life Coach please sing-in the form. Essentially, you will enter your details so that you are one of the potential clients through out the 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, we have to measure what’s happened so there will be a short questionnaire. Short and super simple. With yes and no.

Enter 30 Days Life Coach!

Once you enter, you get access to a coach who will be available to answer any questions regarding any topic.

You can go about your days and whenever you are not sure how to handle an emotion, a reaction or something happens at work or at home, perhaps you just wanna talk or be heard, may be the isolation and loneliness has gotten the better of you and a life coach can pick you up, may be you want to be cheered for successful and productive week, whatever it may be you have the right to click reply and connect to a life coach for 30 days so as to improve or enhance your life.

Daily activities get more exciting when you know someone has your back. 

What you will find is that most people don’t bother to reach out when they know someone has their back however if they do… that’s awesome.

I stand for a new way of being, I know technology is here to facilitate our expansion and I wish to be available for the 30 Day Life Coach so that you can experience a new way of being also.

You will receive further explanation once you opt-in. It’s really not complicated though, same way we wish there was computer engineer available at the clip of a finger for free to answer a few techie questions, same way we wish there was someone available to just get us and inspire us or hear us and this is the essence of this 30 Days Life Coach.

You can tap into the infinite possibilities of life through working with a consciousness coach. You can expect to be asked questions that either trigger you or they inspire you. Let’s get that desire fire up and running you know. It’s summer…

May be it’s a relationship situation or romantic stuff. Opt-in and have your life coach available to you for 30 Days and all hours of the day.

Opt in for 30 Days Life Coach!

Don’t worry about the capacity of the coach and how is she going to handle things. This is offered because there is available space that should be taken up and for YOU to brighten up a little, shake off some old stuff and wear something new so that your inner guru can smile a little bit more.

Don’t over think if this is a good thing to ask or if this is the right thing to ask, just go for it. A Consciousness Coach® is someone who has a heart and totally lives in the truth that we are all human beings and we make mistakes or have this doubt running in the back of our minds. It’s cool. Just hit the reply and ask anyway.

Finally, we are all in this together so why not, fire away, boom-shaka-laka your way and at the end of the 30 Days Life Coach we check-in to see what’s what. 

Think of this as the 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I love what she did and it’s available for free on her YouTube channel so again if this is something you wanna take your coach up on… go ahead and ask.

F*** some of us are still in muddy waters and some of us are not. Regardless of where you are, we are all in this together right, I am not ignoring you or pretending I don’t see you, or Getting trapped in my ego… no way.

Im right here, right now. Standing up, speaking up, showing up. Invitation is open and I am going to see you on the inside.

“See you at the top” – as a friend of mine once said. 

I'm in - 30 Days Life Coach!

Peace out yo’ll with so much love and so much light, coming home now honey. Let’s get cracking.

Love you.




p.s. If you see this mid 30 days or on whatever day you see this, you can opt-in and use the rest of the 30 Days Life Coach to your benefit. Let’s say you saw this on day 5, you opt-in and have access to Consciousness Coach® for 25 days.

p.s.s. There will be no emails, no hustle, simply opt-in so that I know who’s in for the 30 Days Life Coach and I can ask you questions at the end of it for measuring what we’ve done, you know. This is a new initiative, a new offer and at the end of it, I need to know what’s what. So opting-in gives us our own private communication line. Boom 💓