My husband’s partner let me in.

She finally opened up for me and is willing to get to know me. Not the concept of me but real me. We spoke on the phone and she was really showering me with love. My connection was bad so I didn’t hear all that she said but the one thing I heard was:



Green Plant picture used for Thank you.

Rooted in Gratitude.


Do you know what this means… it means that soon I will have her blessing and me and A can get married. (heart beat accelerates).

It means I can have a child. His. Child.

It means that dreams come true…

Two girls.

Delina wants twin girls from her beloved A.


Here’s what else happened. My beautiful hot housemate, a very handsome young man from Australia, who lives next door to me, got drunk, stumbled upon my room because of a Star Wars music I was playing, fell into my bed, shared a loving moment, left my bed with a slap on my ass, after sharing his deep worries about one of my supervisors who’s Bulgarian. I thought he is traumatised by her as are many of the men in my workplace.

He went to his room, I waited, then I went over, gave him a hug, had a little touchy feely and felt super satisfied, empowered to go to bed.

All the while I was thinking about A and how my room mate will be good for some of our kinky games. Yes.

The next day my drunk housemate told me he doesn’t remember anything.





It’s my birthday this week. I am getting lots of presents and one of them is a camera with a head holder and memory card. It has wifi too so in other words, when I muster the courage and find a participant to wear the camera and lend me his “down there” I will play and my husband will be able to part-take even though he is thousands of miles away.


Creative right.


I also did a brief visit to the Crystal shop and I’m very happy to let you know I got some Jade. It’s very nice to touch. If you ever wonder what crystal or gemstone to buy, go for Jade.


Jade gemstone

Jade – Chinese for ‘heaven’


Another thing is that I really am rubbish at relationships. I totally suck. Tut….


Well… I married a man who is exceptionally good at relationships and his or our third vouched for that. So I am in good hands. Only good bright stuff await me.

God bless.


Love to all.