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I am a Creative Consciousness Coach, certified in 2018, practising since 2015. Previously qualified NLP Practitioner and graduate in Psychology and Computing Bachelor of Science degree. I am an advanced yoga practitioner, having had yoga in my life since 2011. My mind is brilliant, radiant, incredible, splendid, mesmeric and super-duper creative, genius.

MY HEART is in the right place, being loved, cared for, tended to and nourished well. My soul is vibrant and shiny, outrageous and scandalous, sexual, powerful, diva-like, goddess-like, queen-like, awake, aware, reborn into an alkaline body, and rejuvenated regularly. My body is toned and firm, it’s brand new, healthy and strong. I am a source of pleasure, inspiration, motivation, wisdom, compassion, love, care, precision, organization, logic, creativity, dance and much more. My whole being is whole, I am wholesome and I am so excited to be your coach.  

Negative or positive, I got it. Light or shadow, I got it. Heart wisdom, the intelligence of the thinking body, or intelligence of the body, I got it. Experience, I have. Expertise, I am a self-love, self-care, self-improvement type of coach. Guidance, signposting, emotional freedom, I got it all for you.   

I have three cats called Mini, Maini and Mo. We had Ini too but she ascended on Christmas 2019. Mini and Maini are sister and brother who were destined to go to the field, abandoned there to die. I took them in because I love cats. I love trees too and I hug them as often as I can. The one in this writing is nearby my house and it’s a new find for me. Never hugged it before. I am clean and tidy like you would not believe it. I see sound harmony around me when I put things where they should be. Organizing my cupboards from high to low, or according to colour, or perhaps even substance. I paint and I draw. I also read cards for people. I love using my Divine Guidance deck of Frequency Cards. I am also getting familiar with my newest Oracle deck of cards called The Blind Spot. Additionally, I use Healing Mantras from another gorgeous deck of cards. All together, they make a pretty good combination, giving you so much insight, you would not believe it. I mean, the Blind Spot Oracle cards are brutal and they do not go around the bush so you are in for a treat if you get to speak to them.  

I am a coach and I am a tarot reader. I am excellent at what I do and I put my heart into it. 

I could give you instructions and formulas 

The following are some examples of what I can guide you with if you take up an ideation session with me:  

  • Empower your family, friends and partners  
  • Getting corporate clients for your business  
  • Overcome your troubles with romantic relationships 
  • Find a girlfriend or a boyfriend 
  • Go to school online 
  • Obtain employment 
  • Become a poet, an artist, a breakdancer or a musician, a writer, a surfer 
  • Learn how to manifest  
  • Go through the cycle of grief  
  • Learn how to detach or how to have a non-attachment-to-outcome attitude 
  • Release toxic thoughts and behaviours 
  • Let go of resistance 
  • Hug change and look forward to it instead of fearing it or dreading it 
  • Stop giving up so easily 
  • Become more disciplined and get rid of the lack of discipline in you 
  • Clear scarcity and lack of mentality  
  • Learn how to take the advice of your people 
  • Appreciate your support network 


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I’m global, continental and multi-dimensional therefore, I see it fit now that this map shows the whole world as we know it today! Geographically.