I was out of body again last night and I was dreaming of some celebrities but in particular that feeling of admiration. When I woke up I knew what would get me out of bed today is writing an article for my website. For you, essentially. So here I am, I want to share with you the affirmations and the Abundance video. These are positive statements related to wealth and success. 


I enjoyed transcribing and translating these statements. I loved it even more when I was repeating them out loud to the space in front of me and waiting to see how I would feel. I’m a little ashamed to admit how I feel joy when thinking about wealth and success and abundance. 


I feel joy when I am thinking about wealth, money and success. 




Bulgaria is a very rich and abundant land as far as I perceive it. If you ask the two generations before me they would say that she is not so wealthy these day but i still see the abundance all around me. 


You can probably find an expression of abundance near you as soon as you look up. It will be my invitation that you look for it. 🙂 For example, clean drinking water from our taps. The deep breaths that we can take in and out at will. Going back to energetic view point, this is an exercise to connect with the frequency of abundance and therefore vibrate, attract and create abundance in your external reality even more. 


I’m heavily influenced by the teachings of Teal Swan and Matt Kahn. Two wonder beings that definitely leave a brighter planet after themselves, wherever they be. My other two influences are Marc Steinberg and Adrienne Mishler, or as the world knows them Creative Consciousness and Yoga with Adrienne. I love them all and I am happy to follow them but I am also happy to establish myself anew. 


Relative to my new establishment, if that is what I shell do, I want you to know there will be a part 2 of this Abundance article. In part 2, I will talk about the 12 Mindful Steps to Cultivate Wealth as given by Teal Swan. All the credit has to go to her but I am also to be acknowledged for re-affirming these 12 steps, perhaps again and again and again. And again. 


Now to my Wealth and Success luxurious affirmations which I got from Grant Raymond Barrett. It’s a on Spotify and it touched me and I am occupied with transcription and translation so here they are: 


Wealth and Success


You are a magnet for success.

You have an infinite abundance of wealth and precious treasures.

You are worthy of receiving all the wonderful things that you desire. 

The universe always blesses you with success and prosperity in every aspect of your life. 

Everything you touch turns to gold. 

You love and accept yourself exactly as you are. 

You are beautiful inside and out and have a good heart. 

You are a generous person and enjoy giving to others. 

You are flexible and easy going and know that life always has the best intentions for you. 

You are blessed every day, with a huge abundance of wonderful wealth and prosperity, that is for you to keep and enjoy, as long as you desire. 

You are wealthy and rich beyond comparison. 

You have a successful energy all around you, that attracts wonderful things in your life daily. 

The best and the highest comes to you, at every moment. 

You are always taken care of, in the best way. 

You have a terrific life, filled with love, joy, health, happiness and success. 

You accept greatness into your life at every moment. 

You deserve and receive an eternal flow of wealth and riches into your life at every moment. 

Success comes to you easily and effortlessly. 

You always have more than enough to do everything that brings you true happiness, you accept it and believe it. 


Grant Raymond Barrett. 


🙂 You can hear me say these affirmations out loud in English and Bulgarian. I’m collaborating with a wonderful creature here in my hometown, to bring to you audios for learning English while waiting. 



Next week I will record the 12 mindful steps to cultivate wealth and i will write about it so you can have it too. 


I love you.