Aether Creature Urdukanda 

It’s pronounced Earjekanda and it confirms that we are on the right path. 

aether creature Urdukanda




Keywords associated with this creature are: Yes, forward movement, endurance, momentum, the right path, confirmation, stamina, perseverance and determination

If this card is upright the meaning is simply ‘yes, you are on the right path so keep moving forward. But if this card is in reverse then the message is ‘resistance means persistence’. 

Now, let’s read about Urdukanda 

“The Urdukands are native to the nonphysical plane of Persia. Though they are common to all of South West Asia, the largest community of Urdukands has inhabited The Iranian Plateau and The Great Salt Desert since the 2nd century BC. The Urdukanda has the capacity to pop in and out of the physical plane. Because of this, it is on the more physically manifested and instinctual end of the scale of Aether creatures. Its body resembles that of a kangaroo and like a kangaroo, it moves by way of hopping. Fully grown, they are typically between six and eight feet in height. It can travel at extremely fast speeds but only for short distances. Its fur is very short but similar in texture to that of a camel. The Urdekanda is a determined being. It uses its horn-claw-like appendages to prod below the surface of the sand looking for food. Though they tend to become fixated when they find something that they want, they are not picky when it comes to eating. When not actively seeking out food in other ways, it has the ability to grace on tough grasses. The male possesses two horns on its head (one on the forehead and one on the bridge of its nose. The female processes either one on the nose bridge or none. The horn serves both as an indicator of virility and as a tool for establishing hierarchy. The Urdukanda also possesses two wither horns above their shoulder blades. Both are covered with white fur common to their dorsal stripe. Perhaps the two most striking features of its head, which has been described as deer or goat-like is that it has an elliptical pupil and three filter holes on each side of its face. The filter holes remain as an evolutionary reminder of how the being thrived in an environment graced by wind and sand storms.”

from Aether Creatures by Teal Swan

The number 9 is important to the Urdukanda. For this reason, the number 9 may be of particular meaning relative to the situation at hand. For example, a person may see greater success if they set a deadline of 9 days or 9 weeks. Or the fruits of your labour might come to fruition in 9 months. 

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