Aether Creature Scooner



Incredible spider-looking Scooner is the one that tells us about letting go, cleansing and giving away.

The Scooners are a species that evolved in the physical to the degree that there was no way to become further without withdrawing from the physical and focusing on existence purely in nonphysical form. 

It’s a tiny being. Similar to the size of a shrimp. Absent of eyes or ears or any other traditional sensory organ. However, it is so sensitive to vibration that it perceives everything. They were water-based beings in the physical. Its dorsal fin spines and alluring red “face” allude to this being the case. 

Existence is oriented towards the well-being of other species because its own well-being depends on it. 

Furthermore, “cleaners” is their nickname. Similar to species on earth like the lumpfish, Lysmata, Amboinensis, Cyclopterus Lumpus, and the Ballan Wrasse. They “take away” what does not benefit an organism. They have the capacity to either absorb those unbeneficial things so as to make them beneficial to themselves. Or find and give them to someone who would be beneficial to itself. Or to discard them. Now, they do this energetically and in the ether. 

It is common to see these being any time what ails you or what is in your way involves something needing to be cleansed, released given away or taken away. They frequently come to people for healing with shamanic medicine. 



p.s. I really don’t see the water descendant in this Aether creature but there you go, not everything needs to match. Learn about other aether creatures on my blog. 

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