Aether Creature Mermen




Aquatic humanoids occupy the collective unconscious of all seafaring people. In fact, they even appear in cave paintings in the late Paleolithic (Stone Age) period some 30,000 years ago. Even though eyewitness accounts have existed all across the globe from a plethora of different cultures, people have yet to “prove” their existence.

As of the year 2020, 80% of the ocean still lies unexplored. This means people have also yet to “prove” that they don’t exist. Aquatic humanoids can absolutely manifest physically, but everything that is physical is a “thought form” first, Mermen are perhaps one of the strongest ocean-based thought forms that exist on planet earth since they continue to be changed with energy by human focus. 

The Mermen Aether Creature says to dive in and dive deep.

Mermen can be found in colonies associated with nearly all the world’s oceans. The largest colonies “exist” on the coast of Israel, Newfoundland, Lido Key and Siesta Key in Florida, the Orkney Islands, the Kei Islands, New South Wales in Australia, the Caribbean Islands and the Indian Ocean near the African Coast. These beings possess a very strong medicine but it is a mistake to think that all mermen are one way or another. Some are more human-like and some are more piscine. Some are friendly and curious, others are territorial and elusive. None are the beautiful half-human, half-fish with perfectly combed hair whose images captivate people around the globe. 


Mermen communicate first and foremost by gesture and motion. Second to that, they pop, croak and purr, sometimes in choruses that can last for hours. This vocalization does not come from a “mouth”, but rather from contracting and vibrating part of their internal anatomy. They also use sonar. Like humans, mermen must care for their young. This urge to protect the vulnerable is not limited to their own species. In the same way that many people might rescue and have a sympathetic instinct toward a kitten or puppy (despite it not being part or even closely related to our own species), mermen have been known to come to the aid of other species (including humans) when they are in trouble at sea. 

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Aether creature Mermen