Aether Creature Dragon

Dragons appear in the folklore of many cultures around the world and are therefore probably the most recognized Aether Creature. It is difficult to make sweeping statements about Dragons because there are so many different kinds occupying so many different dimensional thoughtscapes.

Most of the Dragons associated with Chinese consciousness, for example, are comparable to large, snake-like guardians of the people and hold the medicine of good fortune and luck. They are not aggressive creatures.

Most of the Dragons associated with Polish consciousness, on the other hand, are very solitary, broody and unconcerned with the human species. 

Dragon or the messenger of power, empowerment, capacity and ability.

aether creature dragon

Whatever form they take, however, all Dragons carry the medicine of power. The power within us can be compared to an inner dragon – even the ancient Kundalini has been compared to a fire serpent.

Power is a two-sided coin, as within it is the inherent capacity to create, direct, influence or do something so as to bring about what you want. Power is something that all beings have, but some, like the dragon, have “owned” their power more, including their power over other things. How power is used is what matter most, because, like anything, it can be used for harm and it can be used for good. The dragon possesses both the positive manifestation and negative manifestation (both the medicine and poison) of power.

No matter how a dragon appears to you, your relationship to your own power is in question and is in need of examination. 

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