Two Aether Creatures are living on the water. 


Yaironi tribe and Cheechaneera creatures are interdependent both moving through water. 

Yaironi aether creature. Cheechaneera aether creature








The first signifies symbiosis, felt-based communication, and interconnectedness; the second represents focus, fixation, activity, attention span, relentlessness, and hunting. 

reeds wetland







Water in the shape of wetlands or reed habitat provides the first element for the development of the Yaironi tribe, namely the multi-nucleus protist. Rubbed in the DNA of a baby, forming gametophytes all over the body making it look like this: 

protist gametophytes






Qanu is a root system that connects to Yaironi making them hunt the Cheechaneera in order to sustain its base. You see this Big Brown creature takes vegetation from the bottom of river beds, spits white milk that turns them into straws, and The Qanu feeds on the transformed vegetation. 


There is a whole underground communication system that allows several life forms in its environment to send signals to one another. We, humans, can not perceive that kind of communication but these two types of aether creatures living on the water can. 

The Details:

Separately, both of them are basically mute, making no sounds. Living in silence. Waves upon the surface of the water lure the Cheechaneera into traps that Yaironi creates in order to harvest the vegetation. Live-or-die scenarios happen between these two, each developing strategies to get around.  For example, Yaironi moves like the water moves, creating no “counter-vibration” in the water. If done correctly, this can allow them to go unnoticed and slip somewhere safe. On the other hand, Cheechaneera becomes flat merging with the water and moving across places that are so shallow, you can not fathom. 


Green water creature uses front limbs as legs and has two clamp-like sticks as hands that allow for climbing, using back limbs as hands. Big dark eyes make for a special feature. 


The brown water creature is as big as a house on two floors but becomes flat swimming from one waterbed to another. Its skin is like the skin of a whale. On four limbs it can walk on land. A hunter with a very long-lasting attention span. If the prey is hiding waiting for Cheechaneera to leave, you bet that the one being hunted will be the first to step out and get caught.


Lastly, the Qanu propagates itself through the symbiotic relationship it has with Yaironi. Also, it exists in more suitable conditions thanks to the vegetation harnessed by the Cheechaneera. This is a beautiful example of interdependence. 

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