This is Tow-la-ath, an aether creature that signifies Productivity, De-cluttering and Getting a task done. 

Tow-la-ath aether creature.

Looking like a dinosaur but its movement is actually like an ant, this aether creature collects minerals. Some of the rocks Tow-la-ath eats and so for that reason, it is the creature that protects our mineral kingdom. 


They are not particularly social and you can see them in all the possible colours you can think of. They carry both female and male reproductive organs, making them hermaphroditic


If you ever encounter this aether creature, reach for any rock, mineral, gemstone or crystal nearby and connect to its nature. For example, red jasper is used for vitality and physical energy, Jade Nephrite is used for protection over the children of the world. Pebbles from the beach can restore your connection with the water element. So all of them are equally good 


A master of productivity, Tow-la-ath works tirelessly using all of its 6 hands to organize, de-clutter and re-arrange things and especially minerals. 


Remember though that there is internal and external productivity 🙂

More on Productivity

The intrinsic motivation comes like a wave and you must ride it to shore. One action after the other with an immediate start. As soon as you feel inspired to do something, you have like 5 seconds to go and do it. Oftentimes, people stagnate, they think over and over again about what could be done but don’t actually get up to do it. Lack of productivity can lead to stress and even depression. Over-exerting yourself is also not the way though because then you could injure yourself and for no good reason. 


Creating space by de-cluttering allows for new energy to flow in. Isn’t that just what we want? Enormous benefits await us when we entrain ourselves with a brand new movement of energy and especially the uplifting vibration of Inspiration. 


The best thing to do is simplify. You can make lists and schedules. Give everything a home and have everything align such that it sings a song, or looks harmonious, in its place. Do one thing at a time. Create systems. Delegate responsibilities. Keep things clean. View your environment like a first-time visitor in order to see what needs to be changed. Keep only what you need and know where to discard things in your life. Meditate to declutter your thinking and feeling state. 


Tow-la-ath, the protector of the mineral kingdom, the bringer of productivity. 


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Many blessings. 


Thank you. 






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