Aether creature Dryad talks about the importance of grounding as well as the significance of death and re-birth. 

Grounding is an important spiritual practice and I love it. I think one of the easiest ways to ground yourself is to feel your bottom on the seat or to feel your feet on the ground. This aether creature shows up upside down when it is time to get into your body. Because that is grounding. 


Anyway, another one of its messages is to see what is dying, what is beginning. Death is not just when life ends for us as we know it. You can experience an ending of something important, like the ending of a project and that would register to your nervous system as death. 


Essentially if you meet a tree that feels alive and you feel like hugging or speaking to it then most likely a Dryad is possessing that tree. Change, transition, and moving forward is your general message here and I am an agent of change hugging trees everywhere I go which can be your proof. 


Now, endings are difficult, there’s always a sadness or a gasp of air, not enough to breathe in until newness comes from somewhere else at a time no one else can tell you when. 


Dryad can be thousands of years old because it lives inside the embodiment of trees here on the physical plane. Leading to the legendary “Green Man” male Dryads. “Panaiveriyamman” Dryad is known to Tamil culture and “Nang Tani” to the Thai people. Interestingly, these aether creatures, develop a language that humans can understand. Talking trees is an old kids’ tale that is to some extent real and true. 

the green man

Nang Tani tree spirit

aether creature Dryad

What do you need in order to ground?


You need crystals, scents, beaches or pure soil, mud, sounds, singing or chanting, visualizations, colours and a healthy sense of feeling your buttocks on the seat or your feet touching the socks. 


These are the items that I have, that I use regularly: 





Singing bowl for chanting 

Visualizing roots growing from my feet. 

Imagining myself ten feet underground, or even all the way to the core of Earth. 

Red jeans 

The seaside beaches nearby 

And soon I will have my own soil to look after and dig into. 😀


You can read my other write-up on grounding here or you can search the web, there’s loads of info. 


Love you