I am so happy to introduce to you the Aether Creature Faeire. Pronounced Feeiiiiaaarii, they bring the message of good luck. 

Extra bonuses to receive from interacting with these luck-bringing creatures are






Little aether creature that shows up as a flashing light entering the physical dimension being all territorial. Favourite gifts are rowan, milk and honey, coneflower, thyme, bluebells, small, shiny object and chimes. They will appreciate those from you. 


Establishing kinship with the Faeries will incredibly benefit you because they have a special magic. They have the ability to bend physical laws and move through space and time. Therefore making them appear as if they can fly and have butterfly wings. Protectors of the lands, of nature, or certain territories, but you don’t have to protect yourself from them. 


Gathering in their dozens, these beautiful aether creatures form what’s called Troops. When you wander into new territories, they will look after you. Perceived as a blessing or a curse depends on their behaviour. One day they are mischievous and other times they would be kind. 


I speak to the Faeries very often, almost daily. Asking them about all sorts of things, to help me with whatever I need as I get along with my days. They like to respond by making things happen for me, by luck or with magic, out of nowhere situations arise and the proper outcomes transpire. You could call on them anytime, anywhere because they are honoured in all cultures across the globe.

aether creature faeire

Simply whisper to them: Faerie, thank you for hearing me out. Here’s what I need help with today, or right now… 


You can be as outrageous as you wish. Keeping your humour or being open to laughter is definitely going to get you on the good side of these magical aether creatures. 

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