Baphomet teaches judgement for a reason. 

Are you able and willing to discern your truth from the truth of others? 


This week’s aether creature is a mighty one because he helps one master the polarities. You are transforming your challenges into personal power and a highway to self-actualization. How much of our judgement is seen as the life force that can be harvested and how much do we fall victim to it? 


Wolf, goat and buddha in one aether creature. Baphomet has the pentagram on his forehead and a torch on his crown. He speaks with symbols, not language. Even the black colour of his skin is a sign that he connects the underworld and heaven. A hybrid between human and goat, with a little bit of wolf and the crossed-legged praying position of Buddha. 


Baphomet brings balance in a way that merges the angel and the beast inside of you. Opposites like sin and virtue, carnal instinct and awareness, and light and dark. One must claim mastery of both polarities if one wants to see self-actualization. Our judgement is the key here. But that my friend, and dear reader, takes time, practice, and a lot of testing. 

When one faces judgment.

Judgment day calls out the fire element and we undergo “baptism by fire”. Challenges come our way and we use our free will to overcome them. A person’s choice to ‘burn’ or be ‘reborn’ is the name of the game in trials of suffering. 

aether creature Baphomet

Baphomet says the power of the soul is to make a pattern of suffering or pain, OK and move beyond it. A person can choose to transcend the pain that their soul encounters while manifested. First, accept that you are in a pattern of abuse and second choose with your free will to move passed it. 


Your soul holds the judgment but your personal more human side of you needs the exercise called personal willpower, choice and free will. Again, polarities united. Baphomet calls out for the transcendence of suffering. 


Take your power back and be confident. Owning the dark YOU is one part of the journey. I am here to declare my ability to use the judgement of balance. Therefore, teach you how to do the same, or simply accompany you along your journey of reclamation. 


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