Aether Creature Ngisi, pronounced En-jee-see announces the long-sightedness necessary for achieving our visions. 

Ngisi has sight sense and nothing else, he doesn’t perceive touch although he can make sounds. He has visions of you reaching towards him to touch him and he has humour because he sees the future. 


For example, what you think about now will affect your future. Short-sightedness is when we only look at the small details forgetting the big picture. Long-sightedness is when we want good things to happen in the future, while we get to feel good in the present. Feeling joy because you are part of creation, that’s what Ngisi wants. 


Aether creatures are magical beings with special powers. Ngisi’s superpower is hope for the future, visions that brighten up the big picture. Look at his picture, can you see the THIRD EYE on his forehead, the six limbs and the big horns? They all possess symbolism: 

aether creatures have magical powers, this one called En-jee-see, has the oracle powers. Sight seer.

The third eye – has supreme vision and makes him look like cyclopes.

Six limbs – support, protection and idealism. 

Two big horns – power in truth, dignity, salvation, durability and immortality.


Known also as the ‘giggling spirit’, Ngisi talks about short-term and long-term games. 


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Tow-la-ath aether creature.

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