The Caucus 

Aether creature that announces you are in alignment or in need of harmony. 

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The Caucus were first the by-product of the consciousness of the people of Eurasia. The people of that area once felt a great spiritual connection to a mountain there called mount Elbrus. Because of the biodiversity of the area and the spiritual connection, people felt with the area, myths were born about the mountain range including myths of animals that lived in secret. 

The Caucus inhabit the sixth-dimensional scape of the mountains that divide the Black and the Caspian seas. The dreamy panorama of the landscape in which they live is enigmatic. Its mystery has a shadowy feel like you are being watched at all moments. The air is thick, like a dry mist that reflects colours as it moves through the trees. Through the dimness of the twilight hours, you can see the caucus grazing.

Their heads and bodies are like a mix of deer and horse, the feathery hair on their chins and fetlocks responding to their movement. The moss-covered ground, makes a hollow sound as their cloven hoods step across it. They stand about 41/2 to 51/2 feet tall at the centre of their backs. Their fur is thin and silk and looks as if it has been splashed with blue and purple watercolour paint, with pearl white patches and dots interspersed amidst the colour. The fur on their bellies and the underside of their necks are also pearl white. It shines bright enough in direct light to make them appear metallic. The males (unlike the females) are born with a spiral pattern in the fur on their hips. Their colouring in general is more vivid and strong with a tuft of hair at the end of them. Their manes (mostly purple in colour), cascade like horse manes across the sinewy muscles in their neck. And from the forehead of each animal, project a colossal twisted horn. When they are born, they do not have this horn. It grows by twisting outward throughout its lifetime. It resembles a mother of pearl or some other type of translucent, white shell; but feels as hard to the touch and as heavy as steel. 

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The Caucus are jittery creatures, attuned to the slightest disruption in their environment. The caucus tosses their heads in little circles, a body language gesture that is meant to communicate excitement. Their friendly social noises diffuse throughout the group. The noises they make are like a clickier, higher-pitched version of a horse’s nicker. And they have a delicate strength to them, more like the deer of our time-space reality. It is an endearing energy. Their eyes seem to always hold an expression of worry, even when they are as calm as can be. Their eyes are as black as obsidian; a bit like deep, dark alchemical pools. 

The caucus is a herd being and does not stray far from its group. For this reason, if a caucus has come into your life, you are most likely struggling with loneliness. Perhaps you are feeling like you are the only one of your kind, a lack of belonging and lack of fitting in. the caucus’s medicine calls you back to a state of belonging and soul-tribe… No matter how far one has to travel or look for them. It reminds you that it is time to stop your isolated behaviours. It also reminds you that in order to be one and really be together with something, be it a person, a thing or your environment, you must be attuned to it. If the caucus has appeared to you, it is often a sign that attunement is needed either you need to be more attuned to the things around you or/and you are in need of attunement that you are not currently getting. The caucus is sensitive. Now is the time to be sensitive and maybe even embrace your sensitivity instead of rejecting it. Invite the energy of the caucus to bring in the medicine of attunement. 

The myth tells that the Caucus is so pure of being that he can take one look at a person and know his heart and therefore, know whether he or she is virtuous. Some believe that catching a Caucus automatically entitles you to the Caucus granting you one wish – whatever your heart desires. This is not actually the case. Instead, if you attempt to trap a Caucus for the sake of self-interest, the eyes of the universe at large will see you through the caucus’s eyes and through its ability to judge character and negative karma will be the outcome. This being said, another consideration, if Caucus has entered your life, is whether or not you are living in a state of virtue. 

If you feel out of alignment with your integrity, the Caucus is a good omen reminding you that you have an opportunity to right wrongs and change what you are thinking, saying and doing so as to align with good outcomes. Remember the incorruptible nature of your core essence and true character. Consider the Caucus to be the herald of a blessing. But in order to align with this blessing, you must be pure of heart and think, speak and act with integrity. The caucus teaches you what is needed in order for you to be in tune with and in alignment with this universe and the other things in it so that you are welcomed as an integral piece of them and of the landscape of existence itself. 

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