The Kelpie is a shapeshifter and as such is able to adopt a human form. However, they find it easier to adopt a male human form when they do this. If they decide to manifest physically as their authentic self they appear with equine, amphibian and water plant qualities. The Kelpie is considered a water spirit as they tend to inhabit the non-physical plane of still bodies of water such as lakes, fjords and lochs. Occasionally they also inhabit rivers.

an aether creature called Kelpie, that looks green like a water plant.

The Kilpi is particularly interested in humans and, although elusive, will actively seek out people who venture into the area they inhabit. Many of them seek human companionship and form special relationships with certain individuals. They are not the most conscious of non-physical beings however and are prone to jealousy and emotionally covetous behaviour. On occasion, they have been known to cause drownings due to this fact. In general, Kelpies can be pretty unpredictable creatures. They tend to be solitary, but on occasion, a herd of Kelpies will collect and act as a group.




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