An Ogun is a type of fire spirit, a warrior fire spirit.

The restrictions that govern the physical earth do not apply to the Ogun. Therefore, they can appear as small as a match flame or as large as a building. There are very few of them. They reside in a time-space construct referred to as “Ekiti”.

Fire warriors’ interactions with mankind are few and far between now in the modern era. However many people used to be aware of these fire spirits and some even worshipped them back when territories were defended and wars were won with metal. Believers sacrificed male animals to the Ogun before a weapon was crafted. Blacksmiths used to be what stood between a country and success or demise. Metal weapons of the past were forged in fire. People believed that they needed the Ogun’s blessing to forge these superior weapons. Not only that: it was said that once an Ogun had given his blessing to a weapon, that weapon was imbued with the Ogun itself. Blade or instrument possessed the Ogun’s own qualities and power. 

Fire is the element that instigates. Think about it as the initial spark that fuels all creation and all happenings. Essentially the fire qualities are: heat, action, will, power, initiation, beginning, ingenuity and bravery.

this image shows the aether creature Ogun.

It is also interesting to know that many fire spirits never move backwards. So, looking at your current situation, remember that you shouldn’t take any action that would feel like a step back.

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