Aya Serpent Signifies Surrender, Transformation, Rebirth, Teaching and Learning and  Relinquishing Control

digital deck of cards called Aether Creatures, this card represent the Aya Serpent - an aether creature that looks like a snake and signifies surrender or relinquishing of control.

Plants have consciousness. The consciousness of some plants and or the combination of them serve as a teacher or medicine. This is the case for what native tribes called “Ayahuasca”. The consciousness of Ayahuasca can transform itself into anything it likes for the sake of the awareness and the healing of a person who has decided to partake in medicine. But it chooses certain recurring forms to appear to a person. One of those forms is the Aya Serpent. When this serpent appears, it appears as one large snake or as several smaller snakes. It will appear to be made entirely of multi-coloured geometric fractals. You will often feel its reptilian presence creeping towards you before you visually see it. It is not malevolent. It is a transcendental spirit. But it comes to force surrender to what you must learn or heal or relinquish for your own highest good. For this reason, it is common that the Aya Serpent first approaches you and potentially circles you, but eventually goes into permeates your body. When it does this it causes many people to have a kundalini awakening. It also tends to repair people’s DNA, which is beautifully metaphoric seeing as its form so resembles the double helix. 

The Aya Serpent tends to appear when someone is refusing to relinquish control, especially when doing so is for your own good. When you are in a state of fear, you begin to resist. You imagine something to be bad for you when it is actually exactly what you need. The snake is a manifestation of rebirth and transformation. It sheds its skin once it outgrows it and is thus reborn again and again. When it comes to the spiritual dimension, the serpent’s venom represents both medicine and poison, along with the truth that just as anything that can heal can also poison, anything that can, poison can also heal.