Tomten is an aether creature announcing the valuable role of respect, stewardship, and stability.



Tomten like the Faierie can pop in and out of the physical time-space reality. Incredibly skilled illusionists, able to completely disappear when they wish. These aether creatures are bringers of welfare, rooting and the element Earth. Moving through solid earth is so easy for them, the same as it is for a fish to move through the water.

Another name for the Tomten is Nisse or gnome, and they are well-known in Norse culture. Scandinavia. No taller than 3 ft these gnomes are living in a cosy belowground den. In fact, the den is often mistaken for a badger hole. Collect things means their den is often reminiscent of a magpie nest, full of things they consider to be treasured.


Female Tomten also called Gnomide, spent more time underground than their male counterparts. Less prone to exploring, more elusive and incredibly rare to see. The male Tomten tend to bring things underground to her and so many believe all Tompten to be male.


Being a steward spirit, acting as a guardian and caretaker of a specific area in which they live. Like the Faierie, they cherish offerings. They dislike any changes made to the area and regard the way things are as sacred. Woods and forests are their preferred habitat. If they are honoured by a person or people, they have been known to take them. Taking them into their sphere of guardianship and protection. This created both positive and negative cultural associations among farmers in the Norse countries. 


The Background.


aether creature Tomten - gnome looking, bringer of the frequencies of respect, stewardship and welfare.


At first, to have a Tomten on your property and really you are inside their property, was considered a blessing to those who inhabited the area. Special relationships are established with the life forms in their area, including plants, trees and farm animals such as cows, goats or horses. The owner of the farm would notice the special care as that animal would end up healthier than the others as if it were being fed in secret. There are old tales that tell of farmers finding mysterious flowers and braids in certain animals’ hair. In fact, if one did find such a braid, it was considered very dangerous to undo it as you could risk offending or angering the Tomten.


After the Norse cultures began to be Christianized, the Tomten became a source of conflict. They were demonized and if one farmer was doing better than others he was often accused of having a Tomten on their land. Such accusations damaged the farmer in much the same way that the accusations of witchcraft did during the Catholic Inquisitions. Nevertheless, finding yourself living in an area that is under the care of a Tomten is in fact a blessing! Just remember that Tomten value respect and stewardship above all. 


Something Health-related.

On the physical level, Tomten holds a frequency that is most beneficial to our bones. If the Tomten has appeared to you, you may feel like things are falling apart, that you have no support or that something is eating away at your foundations. This tends to reflect in the physical as bone problems. For this reason, the appearance of a Tomten can be taken as a message to give some support to your bones.  For example, eating foods that support bone health, engaging in physical activity or setting aside time to do bone health meditations. When a Tomten appears, it is also an indication that roots specifically will be quite healing for you.


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