Aether Creature Shedu – The Most Magnificent of them all!


Shedu is a protector spirit she is one of the most strikingly beautiful Aether creatures of all. Many who have encountered her described themselves as being almost paralysed by just how magnificent she is.

When she appears she chooses either to take on a winged or wingless form and is typically about 5 feet 2 inches at the withers. Her head is held significantly higher overhead than that, at about 8 or so feet. Appearance-wise, she is perhaps the most comparable to a giant white and black striped tiger. Ears twice the length of her head, stand straight up like the upstretched wings of a phoenix. The fur is long, tufted and incredibly soft. The tail is composed of several long fur-covered feathers. They drag on the floor behind her when she walks. Her eyes are piercing cyan blue.

Bringer of Strength, Personal Power, Courage, Assertiveness, Humility and Mastery over Reactivity

Aether creature Shedu - bringer of personal power and mastery of reactivity.

On all four paws, she possesses a middle claw that is a great deal longer than all the others. On rare occasions, Shedu will mark a person with this claw. When she does this, she has claimed them for her own. She considers them to be under her protection and is making a mark for all to see. The healing catharsis that occurs when she does this often makes a person very ill.

In ancient times, it was believed that a person marked by Shedu was brought to a crossroads between death and rebirth – their spirit had to decide between death and integrating her strength so as to come back untouchable. Because of this, many warriors intentionally engaged in practices that allowed them to go in search of her.

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