Tikbalang is the Aether Creature that Brings the Medicine of Orientation, Re-Evaluation and Finding the Right Path.


He was created from focused energy and first became a thought form, but then shapeshifted into a kind of life form. Being able to make physical manifestations simply because he was now an independent entity.

Centuries and centuries ago, both the Chinese and the Spanish began to introduce horses to other parts of Asia. In those lands, cultures had never seen a horse before so some began fearing them, distrusting them. However, these local cultures were intensely spiritual in nature and anything they feared quickly became part of their darker folklore. Tales began to emerge and spread about a horse demon. That would play an evil trick. Terrify people who had wandered into the wild lands and lead travellers astray. 

Aether creature Tikbalang looks like a mutant demon possessing the qualities of a horse, a man, and a bat. Complicated beings that form a small species in the Aethers today. An ostracized spirit displays unwelcome behaviour because it perceives itself to be separate from all things. Fear is the pushing away of something and our aether creature Tikbalang comes as a result of human fear. 


Not Evil 

Aether creature Tikbalang

Though the Tikbalang is a creature of flight, it often walks bipedally with its very long limbs, like a man; in which case it is about 12 feet tall. It also loves to sit atop banana, bamboo and Ficus trees watching from above. Furthermore, they dwell in dark spaces much like a bat, preferring caves and the underside of bridges. 

Character-wise, The Tikbalang behaves very much like a wild animal that has been tortured. This behaviour is not ‘friendly’. Meeting his needs causes him to lead people far away from where they r meant to be until they are lost. In turn, that causes people to feel disoriented and fearful, while he increases his own sense of power and safety.

Given that the Tikbalangs are merely tortured spirits, they are not above and beyond gentling. Rarely, but it happens, a Tikbalag forms a very special relationship with a certain individual and allows that person to ride him.

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