Aether Creature Iktomi that Look Like a Spider.

Brings the Medicine of Eternity, Mastery of Time, and  Cause and Effect.


Iktomi is a being that came about thousands of years ago. Nature-oriented tribal cultures began to develop the desire to take on the medicine of other animals. Specifically, Iktomi is the being that arose from the collective desire to possess the medicine of the spider. It was a desire of many within those cultures to shapeshift. They longed to take on the qualities of a certain animal without losing their humanness. This collective belief in spiritual hybridization between man and animal gave rise to many thought forms within the Aethers. 

A human-spider hybrid that sometimes appears more human-like, at other times more spider-like. When he interacts with a person he usually takes on his or her skin colour. He considers this a way to establish rapport, make you feel like you belong and avoid resistance when communicating with a spider.  

Aether creature Iktomi that looks like a spider.


Iktomi is a common non-physical figure to run into during breathwork, and journey work, while one is engaging with plant medicines and especially when one is ill and feverish. People believe that Ikotmi can take on a purely human form and that you would recognise he is not actually human by the black rings around his eyes. Turns out he can’t be a real human because he doesn’t have enough energy to manifest into the physical realm.  

Very little human focus is feeding into Iktomi, therefore he is dissipating. Eventually, much sooner than all other non-physical beings, he will disappear from the Aeters. This decrease in energy along with the length of time that he has interacted with the human race has also matured him. In centuries past, people used to consider him quite a trickster. Now mischief is no longer his interest.

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