Aether Creature Fractal Widget Brings to Us the Medicine of Communication, Understanding and Self-Transformation. 

Everything in the universe is made of energy that vibrates. Amazingly, this energy that vibrates imparts information. So the amplitude and frequency of energy are what determine how (in what form) that energy will express itself. We call this a ‘vibration’. Before vibration manifests physically it usually becomes a fractal, a  magnificent geometric pattern. It’s like an interface between physical and non-physical. A vert special dimension where energy begins to take on form.  Rather than being a specific creature, a Fractal Widget is an intentionally generated and self-transforming life form that exists in between non-manifested and manifested reality. Ultimately, the Fractal Widgets are the most incredible geometric shapeshifters, they will take on any form that holds meaning to the person they are interacting with. Most people who encounter a Fractal Widget do so during out-of-body experiences or after having ingested the powerful medicine DMT. Due to the writings of the American ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, many people now call these life forms enchanting and beautiful ‘machine elves’.

Beautiful Machine Elves

Aether creature Fractal Widgets - vibration

Most often created and used as an interface between a certain consciousness and human consciousness. For example, the consciousness of a plant such as yage can speak to, interact with, or show things to a person’s imagination using vibrations. Our beautiful machine elves here may allow Source itself to be able to take on a form so as to meet a person’s unmet emotional need during a vision quest or meditation.

Finally, these aether creatures are almost never static in their appearance. Instead, they appear kaleidoscopic; often dizzyingly so. The geometric elements of their appearance seemed to be made of light, vibrating energy, liquid, gel and solids. These elements are usually rotating, condensing and generating much like the image in a kaleidoscope. One of their favourite forms to assume is that of a cluster of several eyes.

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