The L-Kaggen


Aether creature that comes to us when we are in a state of chaos or disharmony and then through healing, it makes it right again.


Aether creature L-Kaggen


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The L-Kaggen are also often referred to as “the mantis beings” or “the doctors. They are master healers. It is common to see them in groups as they are a collective species, though they can appear alone because each has an important task to perform that best serves the collective. They come to people often during shamanic journeys, especially when plant medicine such as Ayahuasca is involved, so as to do their unique and quick healing work on a person. They are often looming over you, seeing as they are 7-12 feet tall. They are nicknamed the mantis beings because of their insectoid (praying mantis-like) features. They have a segmented exoskeleton that usually appears in the range of green to brown (rarely black and very rarely, albino). They coat themselves in a substance like oil so as to prevent water loss and stay hydrated when they are visiting places within the universe that are less humid than their natural environment. The L-Kaggen often appear to people wearing robes of a specific colour that corresponds to their expertise or current task. For example, red robes are usually worn by those doing work on the physical plane or on a being’s physical body. Purple robes are usually worn by those that are considered “Universal Masters” and who are tasked with causing evolution by teaching a being the bigger picture. 

The L-Kaggen rarely omit noise (unless the sound is an element needed in someone’s healing process) as they are fully telepathic. Another common method of communication they use is a holographic projection. They also spend most of their time focused elsewhere than the earth, primarily in the andromeda, Orion, Sombrero galaxy and Draco star systems of our universe. They also have the ability to shapeshift, sometimes choosing to extract an image from a person’s mind and appear to that person in a form other than their actual appearance. When they do this, they choose a disarming form that would cause the person to release resistance to the healing or learning process that is necessary for them. 

Insect/alien-like creatures tend to evoke a feeling of “otherness” in humans as their way of being is not mammalian. This, along with the incredible power they have to manipulate the mental, emotional and physical body often gives them an ominous feel when they appear. Because of the human tendency to destroy what it feels intimidated or threatened by and also the human tendency to resist even things which benefit them unless an L-Kaggen knows you well or knows you to not be at risk of these behaviours, it is likely to deliberately and temporarily telepathically paralyze you as a precautionary measure. But do not fear them. Nothing bad will happen. Instead, surrender to their capable expertise. They are like medical overseers. 

L-Kaggen brings about order from what seems like chaos to a human. The truth is, from their perspective, chaos doesn’t truly exist. They work to heal anything that is out of harmony or out of tune, which includes illness of any kind and on any level. They can also activate dormant DNA codes and de-activate activated DNA codes. Because of all of this, the L-Kaggen are an integral part of the evolutionary process of a being. This includes assisting not just people, but a plentitude of other beings, universes, worlds, and star systems. Their main focus is to bring disharmony into a state of harmony. Anyone can call on the L-Kaggen for assistance. And this can be for mental, physical, or emotional healing. 

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