The Chupacabra


Aether Creature announces the distribution of responsibility, creating cohesion and awareness of the actual problem and the actual solution.

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The Chupacabra is a being that can phase in and out of physical manifestation. Because of this, ‘sightings’ have led the thoughtform of the Chupacabra to be fed with the energy of the focus of people (and even whole culture), thus making it even more strong and more prevalent. It is mostly found in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Texas and Florida, though the Chupacabra exists in rural areas throughout all of north and south America. It is even often called ‘the jersey devil’ as far as the pine barrens of new jersey, even though the jersey devil is in fact an entirely different aether creature altogether. 

People often mistake predatory animals stricken with mange or other parasitic infections (which cause them to take on a gaunt and hairless appearance) for the Chupacabra as well. When the Chupacabra is physically manifested, it is a similar size to a small bear and can move on its two hind legs or on four legs. It is a solitary creature; a single being tends to claim a certain territory for its own. Its skin is greenish grey and sometimes leathery tan to black. ♠ The darker the colour of the being, the more dominant it is and the larger its territory will be. ♠ It has a ridge of black spines on its back, as well as predatory teeth with prominent upper and lower k–9s. Its long, sharply pointed tongue is similar to what of a vampire bat. Contrary to popular belief, its eyes are large and black, not red. This being’s eyes appear red only when a bright light source (such as a flashlight) is reflected off the retina. 

The Chupacabra feeds on the life force energy (the physical manifestation of which is blood) of other species that specifically hold an ‘outcast’ frequency in their energy fields. For example, a goat or sheep that is on the bottom of the pecking order and who is tolerated but not taken in as a part of the herd, or a stray pack animal, is most at risk of becoming an energy source for them. The way they feel when they are doing this can be compared to you trimming a hair that is out of place.

The feeling of ‘cohesion’ is in fact pleasurable to them, which from their perspective can only occur if nothing is ‘out of place. But this pattern of behaviour is what gave the Chupacabra its reputation for leaving carcasses behind. In reality, this is extremely rare, as they can feed non-physically. Most of the carcasses attributed to the Chupacabra belong to animals that are the victims of predator attacks, such as dogs who have been known to go for the jugular vein and leave prey animals to bleed to death. In fact, when a Chupacabra is seen in the vicinity of carcasses, it is usually because the animal it was tracking was in fact the predator who held the frequency of an outcast; such as the stray dog actually responsible for the attack.

As a result, the Chupacabra is the ‘scapegoat’ of aether creatures. 

Being incredibly reclusive, they do not like to be seen – so much so that they have been known to cause a person’s muscles to go into a state of tetanus for a period of time so as to prevent themselves from being observed and or followed. Long story short, because of the nature of the Chupacabra and because of all the horrible things that have been blamed on them over the years, and because of the power of myth, the Chupacabra is one of the most feared and widely known of the aether creatures.

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