aether creature musubi

Musubi is a single being named “the caretaker of worlds.” Neither male nor female and manifests at the seventh-dimensional frequency and above. It is most known to those practising the path of Shinto. Musubi is a manifestation of the interconnecting energy of the universe and the Source’s care for all its aspects. When one thing within the universe is addicted, all are affected. Therefore, its priority is the guardianship and caretaking of worlds (especially planets) upon which life is in the process of evolution. It is a benevolent spirit, much like a deity, whose manifested form is more extensive than specific solar systems. However, existing in a dimension absent of the construct of both space and time, this aether creature is able to expand and contract its form infinitely in either direction. When Musubi projects its image into the minds of men, it usually appears carefully containing the earth in a clam shell. 

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