Aether Creature Gerdorom – The Announcer of ‘Get Firm’.

This aether creature’s name is pronounced Djer-do-rom, with medicine Stillness, Dedication, Commitment, Higher Purpose, Discipline, Tradition, Mysticism, and Ancient Wisdom.

Aether Creature Gerdorom

The Gerdorom is a collective of ancient beings that is most commonly focused on the land and people that inhabit the High Mountains of the Himalayas, Tibet, Mongolia, Myanmar, Yunnan and Sichuan.

These beings can manifest in the fourth dimension and, as such, can be felt like ghosts and can on very rare occasions be seen by people as apparitions in the physical.

When they appear to those seeking wisdom in meditation or prayer, they often “swallow you” so as to take you into the belly of the universe itself and reconnect you to a higher purpose in order to find the answers you seek or to experience the things that you are missing. 

In terms of appearance, they have one very large hind limb and two very long arms on each side of their body. The Gerdorom have four horns: a pair of face horns that are curled and a pair of steer horns whose horn spread can grow to 9 feet across. They are covered in long, yak-like fur, which often covers their eyes entirely. When they appear, they often come adorned in purple and yellow or gold cloth, with beads, bangles and/or tail rings of the same colour.

The purple symbolizes mysticism and peace and the yellow or gold symbolizes the transformation of individualistic pride into the wisdom of ‘oneness’ or ‘same-ness’. They can also paint themselves with green paint, which represents the transformation of jealousy into attainment.

If the Gerdorom manifest in a dimension of space and time, their movements are very, very slow, similar to the earth-based sloth. Given that they prefer the solid nature of stillness, this makes sense. 

The Gerdorom carry the medicine of Ancient Wisdom and can be likened to nonphysical mystics or monks. The Gerdorom are stubborn, strict, rigid and methodical in their practice and discipline.

They are resistant to change. That being said, they are highly conscious beings that guard the higher purpose of embodied souls. They are disciplined in ancient ways. These ‘ways’ connect them to the higher purpose of embodiment and they believe this allows them to never lose sight of what lies beyond individual life experience and manifestation. 

If the Gerdorom has made itself known to you, self-doubt currently plagues you. And it is important to reconnect to a solid and still internal sense of knowing in the situation at hand. It is important to ‘get firm’. 

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