The aether creature orb is visible to us humans and some people have photographed them already. That’s cool, right?

Aether creature Orb.


Orbs are transparent balls, round bursts or globes of light energy. They can be a variety of sizes and colours. Light is the first manifestation of the physical. This means they are a physical manifestation of nonphysical consciousness. In fact, each orb is a portal to whatever is behind the embodiment of that orb. For this reason, when you look into them, you can often perceive who or what it is a manifestation of. They can be seen with the naked eye and are notorious for appearing in photographs and on film. They are especially common in highly energetic areas or in situations that draw attention and support from the non-physical. 

It is not uncommon for people to draw this card if they are frequently seeing orbs in their life. These may appear to you in your peripheral vision. They can appear in any colour such as white, silver, blue, purple, red, yellow, green, pink and black. The colour of an orb when it appears has meaning because the way that light is reflected and emitted is influenced by the energy of a thing. For example, blue tends to be a colour that appears in relationship to things like tranquillity, depth, ease, safety, faith, trust, loyalty, and stability. For this reason, if you see an orb of a specific colour, you may want to research the metaphysical meaning of that specific colour. Keep in mind that certain colours resonate at the same energetic frequency as certain nonphysical beings (such as guides) and so the colour may be a way for a nonphysical entity to signal its presence and make itself known to you. For example, the archangel Raphael often indicated his presence with the colour green. 

The orb card exists because it means in the situation t hand or potentially in this particular moment, you are just out of reach of the frequency of the non-physical awareness you seek, including the Aether Creatures. 

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