Aether Creature Djinn

The Djinn is a benevolent spirit. He manifests fifth-dimensionally and has rooted himself within the thought scape of ‘earth-based lack’. When having an idea about what lack is and they focus on it, that focus begins to manifest a nonphysical reality construct. The collective consciousness of the inhabitants of the earth has created such a reality construct, which can be compared to a nonphysical hell. To imagine this landscape, simply imagine what any single earth-based species conceptualizes as lack, such as infinite deserts, solitude, poverty, depravity etc.

The Djinn is on a mission in this landscape, seeing as he is a master of desire. He has been there for millions of years, standing like an antidote to the frequency of the place itself. He keeps with him a golden staff in a particular shape (a sphere at the base with a staff that displays two crescent-shape projections: one upside-down crescent at the top of the staff and one crescent facing upwards in the centre). 

Similar to the way that you can separate a branch from the rest of the tree and it can generate a completely new tree, Djinn can consciously split himself and generate in different areas within the universe, which is why there is not only one Djinn. Djinn are distinct beings but are also the same being in this way.

The Djinn are limited as to their ability to manifest into the fourth and third dimensions; as such, they must project their essence into things. They can technically ‘live’ or dwell in all conceivable things, such as inanimate objects, animals, plants (especially trees, because they have the most similar earth-based frequency), stones and any of the elements. 

This aether creature talks about your desires, helping us attain them even when scarcity is around. Thank you Djinn. 🙂

To be a master of desire is to be a master of free will. The Djinn are concerned with attainment regardless of what species is before them. Many our-of-body travellers try to find the Djinn, as being near them brings you your desires. Still more people who are aware of the Djinn believe that if you find one, you can force him to perform orders for you.

In truth, Djinn is famous for granting wishes. He will never refuse to grant a wish and to assist you in understanding and resolving what is in the way of the attainment of your desires. Be careful what you wish for, however. The Djinn does not refuse to grant wishes because he knows that if a person gets what he or she wants, and it leads to painful results, that person will simply amend his or her desire. And each time a person amends their desire, he or she gets closer to what they REALLY  want, which is in perfect alignment with personal expansion.  

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