Alright boys and girls,


I garra tell ya a few things.


First of all, my husband A and wife J made a sex tape for me which was hot!!! Real hot. I watched it a few times and each time, I aroused myself more and more. I just want to be there with them already, ok.


Second thing is that there is even more suffering, killing, suicides and debt stress then before and in preventing this from happening to you I strongly recommend a small daily practice. I mean there is no guardian of life, other than death…


It goes like this: Place your hand on your heart for five minutes every day.


My work as a waitress is going ok but I am not playing the banter game and it is causing a little bit of a division in me. Now… who loves banter? Put your hands up?

And who is too sensitive for that shit and doesn’t like it at all, would much prefer down to earth honest straight talk all the time? Put your hands up too.


My resolution is to this division is to attend The Angel Academy with Matt Khan and Julie Dittmar in June. I’ve actually requested from my family to gift me the money for the Academy for my 30th Birthday.


How exciting hey… I will turn 30 on 11th May 1017. Woop woop.

Official of the 30's club member

The other big news is that I am also thinking of getting a tattoo that my husband requested I do. It will have his name on it. Tacky right. Haha. I don’t know. Its a bold move and I am very interested.

Gonna keep you posted on that one. Gonna get some design-age… yeaaaaaaa


That’s about it really. Place your hand on your heart my dear. It will send a signal to your body that it is safe and your heart will open and soften which will bring about peace, rest and self-love, self-care.