It is time to announce the spring preparations you can do during this month so that you can welcome spring with open arm, heart and a fresh breath.

On the 20th of March is the official beginning of SPRING all the way until the June 19th.


Blossoms are coming out, they are enriching the winter blues with their scent and beauty. There is a shedding of the old, a deep healing in which there is an even deeper awakening. It’s exciting times. 

So let’s talk about preparing for Spring during the month of March. Specifically, bring the focus to POSSESSIONS. Hm…

You may ask yourself the question “What possessions do I have?” or you may dismiss the focus Im creating because you have so many outstanding possessions that need clearing, it’s an irritating spot.

Either way, Im announcing spring preparations for the whole of March. Each week on Wednesday I will reveal a new layer to look at in terms of what possessions do you have on that level.

Im also going to share with you a SECRET. 

I can’t tell you what it is yet but I can give you a clue, it’s related to the playful way to dealing with possessions. 

We want to have FUN in all this so keep an eye out for the playful way.

Spring is coming, how do you prepare to meet the new season? You don’t… how come?

If you do… again please share with me how?

In the comments below, write down your take on how you welcome the new season, share with us how you prepare for the transition from winter to spring and if you don’t do that then share with us how are you going to start this year around.

As always, I am here for you, full of adventures and stories to share and to inspire.

Be willing to get in touch.

Love and light




p.s. This weeks pick from Teal’s teaching is an awesome one: The Hidden Positive Intention (The Key To Letting Go). Letting go by far is the most precious lesson and skill you can learn.

p.s.s. On Sunday I will reveal the 3 MOST common levels of possessions.