Because you are the centre of your universe and you can do anything you like in this life.

Can you build your lifestyle the way you want it? You may hear that positive thinking can get you what you want and the power of thought is super important and that’s where it all starts. True. But not the full truth.

Focus. Choose. Act.

You can achieve anything you want if you focus. But you also have to make a choice. After that you need to act.

For example, I want to build a lifestyle that is location free and happy. I focused on the question ‘what makes me feel happy?’. ‘How can I become location free when I still need a job?’. I started choosing what’s in alignment with my heart’s answers. Then acted on my choices and I now live in Bulgaria, where the sun is shining everyday. I will be working remotely which fits in with my healing journey.

It is your focus that will show you opportunities and it is your choice that will dictate how healthy and easy your lifestyle gets. Of course acting on your passion and inspiration is paramount and here I can totally support you because I am good at that. Some time procrastination and fear will stop you from acting but its OK. You reach out for help and loving guidance to me or others and we keep going.

build a lifestyle you want

build that lifestyle when you remember these key words.

Ask to become focused, clear and intent to choose wisely, healthily and vibrantly. I don’t feel like it all the time, I have days when I don’t want to get up but what I’ve become empowers me and so I move on, I act. You can do it too.

You can do it. Build.

If you know there is a particular type of lifestyle that you desire, then you must act upon it and go get it. Lovingly, attentively and steadfastly you could take decisions that steer you in the right direction. Your higher self will meet you there. Things you need like money, job, house, has to be taken care of and the right type of thing will speak up. Remembering what you once found inspiring will happen.  You could act upon it and choose it and re-focus on it. Bit by bit you could build the lifestyle you want because everything already exists. You know we live in absolutely friendly universe. There already is the type of thing you need to complete the process.

We all want things we don’t have and we all have things we don’t want but if we become OK with what we got, the things we want and don’t have will come and the things we have but we don’t want will go (non-attachment). It all boils down to how safe does your inner child feels and can you be the parent to your inner child, using you knowledge, connections and expertise to provide what your inner child wants. This blog post was to celebrate the remembering of my desire to be location free and receiving a remote job that will support my desire. May you be blessed and may all that you desire come. You have to focus, choose and act. But also, you have to re-focus, decide and ask. Have a good day reader.


With love and with light