Can I hire you for my online business? 


A question worth considering and answering is the question of hiring someone to do a job for your online business. There will be times when the answer is yes and there will be times when the answer is no. If you like, we can have a look at some scenarios when I would say ‘yes, let’s work together’ and also examine some examples of times when I would say ‘thank you, but no thank you’.  

Times when I would agree to work with you: 

  • You are ready and willing to improve something about yourself. 
  • Your vision and dream are finally coming to fruition. 
  • You need and want to get things done and be accountable. 
  • You are learning how to love yourself and how to care for yourself. 
  • You want to impress your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or husband, wife. 
  • A desire to learn from someone you like and appreciate has opened up in you. 
  • You need a quick guidance with conflict or dilemma. 
  • You have had enough of dealing with negativity and you have let go. 

In all of these scenarios, you and I will work well together, to move forward into a better quality of life, of being, of feeling alive and replenished 


Other times, I would say ‘thank you, but no thank you’. For example: 

  • You want to be with me but not as your coach or card reader. 
  • You do not show up for out appointments. One time not showing is enough for me to say no thank you.  
  • You sent me naked pictures of yourself, or videos or any other MEME or scam, junk.  
  • You speak badly of me but then you say you are sorry and you want to keep going.  
  • You become or you are abusive and violating my boundaries, being disrespectful. 

These are people I would not want to work with. If I notice that you are like that, I would pray to have the strength to say ‘thank you, but no thank you’. I reserve the right to cancel a coaching cycle or a card reading based on one of these examples.  


The question: Can I hire you for my online business?  

‘yes, you can’. 


I am available to take on my work and I am looking forward to meeting you.