Yes, I can get rid of the noise.  


It turns out that when I tune into the water of my body, the external noise stops and only the movement of my body remains. Every moment as I go about my day, allows my body to move differently, fluidly, and there is no distortion.  

I got to this stage by following what resonates in a loving way, from a loving place, not from a place of triggering. I found a new path that uses breath and sound to activate the fluid system in my body. As I activate the fluid system in my body, noise stops, confidence and choice come.  

This fluidity of the body is the same as the fluid in the planet and the galaxy at large. It is a resonant element and there is no noise in the universe. The noise is perceived as noise because I am contracted or inhibited in some way. My being is restrained in some shape or form and then everything outside becomes noisy. But really there is no noise in the galaxy. There is only sound!!!  


Yes, we should all seek healing, we should all seek connection to the fluid system in our bodies and we should all move in a fluid not mechanical way.  

I wish this upon you, and upon the world at large, all humans.  

We could manifest our heaven on earth faster than ever if the fluid system in our bodies is activated and expressed. The commotion and chaos will be sorted out into the symphony of sounds and the alignment of objects that we haven’t seen. 


This is it.  

Love and light.