Could your coaching program or single top-up sessions get more people to my masterclasses? 


Yes, is the simple answer.  

First, we look at your relationships with the people in your network, or in your phone book. Let’s be honest, life has changed since COVID and our contacts should reflect this change if we want to succeed. Get yourself a coaching session as and when you need it but use that time wisely. Create resolution for yourself and go on to the practicalities with readiness.  

Approach the invitation of more people to your master class with sincerity. Create a powerful context during your coaching session. Every little bit of difference that you want to see is going to ask you: how much responsibility are you willing to take? 

If all the people in your phone book are contacts that you are happy to call, then dig deeper. Everyone is in this Global situation right now and the deeper we connect to one another, the better. On the other hand, your phone book may be filled with people you are apprehensive about contacting. This is not about them, it’s about what’s arising in you. Pay attention to your inner child, love the emotions and feelings that arise. Ask: What would make you want to call them, telling them about your master class?  

Do people know what you do and why you do it? These are very basic questions, that can be very difficult to answer. Imagine, your contacts knowing this about you though. Being able to speak openly about your work will give freedom to others.  

What you give to others is important because it activates the law of exchange. Giving and receiving go hand in hand. Giving everyone in your life a chance to know you, is a true blessing. There are hidden people who would want to sign up for your masterclasses. You will see the possibilities and feel winged.  

Work with a coach and this exemplary set of questions: 

  1. If you were guaranteed total success at your master class – no matter what looks like – what would you still do and what would you start? 
  2. What is important to you about filling up your master class to a maximum capacity of people? 
  3. How much do you want this? How much is it worth to you? 

If I am your coach, we would look at what seeds you can plant today that could make the most difference in the future.  

So yes, my coaching top-up sessions or the whole coaching program can indeed get you more peeps to your masterclasses. 

One final note. Masterclasses mean you are a master at something and you want students to learn from you. So, what is the relationship between the student and the master within you?