This sounds to me like teacher training where I teach you how to be a teacher to someone else. Of course, my guidance can help you help others but the shift we are going through right now is UNLEARNING how to help, care, coach and do it for other people. We, as in the first wave of ascension and the peace-makers lead the way with our torch-bearing personalities. We, collectively figure out what is the next condition that has been ingrained in us over the years that is not going to serve us in the New Earth. Help and caring are one of them and my dear friend Anthony Miller, who has been tripping on the very precious medicine known as ayawaska, brought the topic of caring as something that is actually toxic to our human development. I happen to agree.  

Caring and helping require somebody who is disempowered. If we were all fully embodied then we would be super powerful and there will be only co-creation, announcing the wellness of things in life and bliss following.  

Your desire to help others comes from a need to be useful and valuable and helpful. For example, if you are well knowledgeable then you would need others to seek your knowledge which will make u feel significant and that’s a need of your, valid and true. In the act of co-creation, many people come together with varied expertise and they share so everyone is learning and everyone is empowered which Is away from helping someone. This reminds of  

Helping someone in need.  

Isn’t it toxic and paradoxical? Neediness is an allergic reaction to being on Earth. For instance, entitlement and victimhood and righteousness are also allergic reactions to the human condition whereby our nervous systems inflame and we lose ourselves in the humanness of it. So, in order to stop the toxicity of being needy or helping and caring, we must  


Learn how to care for ourselves. 


So, in essence, if I guide you towards self-care and self-love then yes you would be better able to help others but let me talk about children for a moment. Children require safety in order to explore and grow. I believe as caregivers and parents our job is to ensure safety on all levels and provide support for our children so that they can discover and be curious for themselves.  

Where does safety come from in us, as adults?  

Really, how safe do you feel in your body right now? Are you relaxed? Do you perceive your environment as safe or do you need a glass of alcohol to relax your nervous system at the end of the day?  

This is important. All of us in the first wave of ascension figured this out and now it is our guide that will help you figure it out for yourself. If you do not feel safe in your own body then you should not have kids. Period.  

Back to the example with the children. At a very young age, they are inquisitive and curious about the external world. They naturally want to explore and see, touch, feel everything in their environment. In the New way of being, adults will be supervising and ensuring safety based on how safe they themselves feel. The new spiritual paradigm is grounded in Divine Love and that means no fear and that means relaxed nervous systems even when we are doing. I mean, being and doing happens at the same state of the nervous system, the left and the right brain work together, the fight-flight-freeze-flee-or-fawn systems are gone! Less active.  

Yes, let’s guide you to the feeling of safety in and of yourself. Learn how to remain in a relaxed state and then help others do the same but that is the core of it. Caring and helping someone is toxic and it does not serve the greater good of humanity.  

I am open to helping you find your way to safety and that’s only because I have figured this out for myself which means I will be empowering you because I am empowered myself.  

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