Women, if you want to love everything you are told then the chances are you need to prioritize yourself.

I understand how problematic it can be to deal with other people. Or how easy it is to be of high integrity with work but not with yourself. I’m afraid to say it but it is still very common that women put everyone else before themselves.

The question of relationships is a regular setback for us and I think that is because we are not asking ourselves ‘why have we been brought together?’. Needless to say but I will anyway, two people are always in exchange and learning from each other, there’s a reason or a lesson behind the two of you coming together.

Look, oftentimes digesting information or not being able to, becomes a problem. It is important that you fix this because otherwise, you will be stressed, indecisive and avoidant of all the goodness there’s.

I don’t want you going into hiding or experiencing a lack of sleep. I don’t want you confused and disoriented. Instead, I want you and need you to be amazing, awesome, gifted and valued.

It is important that you continue on your journey of self-improvement and self-knowledge because the consequences of not doing that are cloudy thinking, forgetfulness and tiredness.

Indeed you could choose to do nothing and that would be totally acceptable, it’s totally cool.

You could also see a counsellor or a coach and neither of them will provide you with the penetrating interpretations that free you there and then.

Women, be very happy customers by opening yourself up to receive advice that is personal and a perfect fit.

It’s guidance that is measured well, delivered on time and filled with suggestions of activities. A card reading that is far-reaching.

Let me provide you with the complete answer, the sensible answer.

The Three Decks of Cards and An Example Card

Here’s What Else Others Are Saying About The Card Readings

Delina Skyped with me and my wife for our readings. She greeted us with a warm smile and warmer welcome. We immediately felt comfortable, relaxed and embraced by Delina’s presence. She allowed herself to be the medium and guided us as we were instructed by the universe. Her connection with the cards and us was perfect. She explained the meanings and provided opportunities to allow you to have a true sense of connectivity. It was our first reading and we couldn’t have asked for a better connection than with Delina. She is phenomenal.

Additionally, we are in the US and had no issues with connection, time difference or language. Delina was prompt and allowed her work to speak for itself. You will not be disappointed. Regards.

Jason Marsh.

‘My reading with Delina was most enlightening, informational and inspiring… I will definitely be keeping in contact with her for future readings…’

Tiffani Kistler

Delina’s empathy and intuition went beyond determining the meaning of a certain card – she helped me to understand how it was applicable to my current circumstances. she gave me more than a simple reading – it was a conversation with a loving friend who wanted the best for me.

CallMeCara - Writer

‘Delina has a passionate energy and is dedicated to her craft’

Nicole Wijngaarden

‘Delina is a glowing energetic bubble of Light, a true spiritual activist dedicated to helping others and healing the world. I had the honour of witnessing her growth and development as a coach and a person, and I acknowledge her depth, her dedication, her passion, and undeniable talent as a bringer of transformation!

Violetta Pleshakova

‘Delina is a very special, intuitive, talented and kind woman, she is free-spirited with genuine love and passion for all things. Delina is natural and authentic and her passion to help others burns bright in her aura. I had a reading with Delina last night… My first ever, was beautiful and eye-opening with all the presence of love and self-love to provide me with the tools for my own journey. She is truly amazing xx. Love you Delina, you are a true lightworker.’

Maddy Punungwe

‘Delina is a joyful spiritual coach. I now have a deeper understanding of myself through her advice with a great accurate reading.’

Dina Chauhan

‘Delina is a very kind and compassionate person. She will not give up on connecting with you in the session because she knows, like you, that this is really all that matters.’

Tal Moshe

‘Delina is a clear channel with lots of love and attention to her client. Within minutes of meeting her, I felt like we have known each other forever. She creates a loving and safe space for anyone making major life changes and helps create actions steps to achieving your goals. Such a beautiful reading!’

Rianne Vestuto

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