Creatives, break cycles of negative perceptions and be the one that is getting help to focus. I know you have the desire to create so many things but maybe you don’t know where to start.

This coaching program is for you. All of the content will be for you, keeping you accountable to get IT done.  

Perhaps life is a bit of a struggle and you are challenged by your personal circumstances. You find solace in your creative outlet but it’s not making any money for you yet and so you have a bit of a predicament. 

Or may you are point-blank stuck? And this is totally okay by the way. I understand and sympathize. If you experience stuckness then definitely my work will be for you. Feel free to answer a few questions and let’s meet for a free ideation session. 

It’s important to fix the problem with feeling your procrastination because otherwise, you live a life with no expectations of receiving anything the gifts and talent you have.

You know, maybe it’s important to solve the problem of ignoring your individual personality because then the endless way to go will surprisingly be ‘too short’.

You know, you are accountable for the birth or not of your talent, gifts and grace. It’s part of the responsibility you carry from being alive. Dare I say it is an obligation. 

Finally, I want to remind you that your attitude will either make you or break you. Shrugging your shoulders, is not it?

And the solutions to your problems can be found in the simplest of actions. A decision.

You can choose to do nothing too. That’s an option. Or you can choose to get to know your own method of dealing with life’s ups and downs while remaining focused on the birth of your art. 

Meet me for an ideation session to add space to your thinking body. This will be a free gift but a very mighty one because where there is space, the creator in you can express something. If you are all bonged up with stuff, then the inner artist in you can’t make way. 

I am offering you this for free because I know that it is only by speaking to each other, that I can add value to your life. I know, that some percentage of the people I speak with will take their wallets out and sign up for my one-off sessions or the whole program. You decide. 

Teaching you how to love yourself or how to care for yourself so as to ensure your spiritual growth is worth it, somewhat pleasurable or really a lot of pleasure while also growing is a mission of mine. I have created a downloadable version of two of my best articles: Loving yourself despite the external environment and Loving yourself even when you hate yourself. I am also including a link to my biography page just if you wanted to know more about me. Delina.

If you are a content creator, strategist, producer, typographer, data visualiser, editor, creator, or presenter. If you are a designer, writer, craftsman, student of voice, musician, photographer, retoucher, or community manager. If you are a talent manager, head of creative, planner, dancer, artist (of any kind), illustrator, painter, architect or choreographer. 

Or if you are working in any of the following industries: statesmanship, the fine arts, science, medicine, ministration, understanding of pure truths, music, performing arts, photography, publishing, radio, animation, art and culture, design, education and research, events, fashion, film, gaming or media production 

then I would like to meet, work, hear, see, understand and support you. 

Here’s What Others Are Saying

I received life coaching from Delina in the latter part of 2015 as I wasn’t coping with life & felt unmotivated. I had no expectations of receiving any benefits from life coaching. My attitude was “What harm can it do? Let’s give it a try.” I was pleasantly surprised to find that little by little my self-belief & motivation was returning to me.

Delina created a safe space where growth could take place. Overall an extraordinary process where we were able to explore my personal blocks, emotions & reasons for procrastination. Whilst writing this I have realised I could use a top-up session with Delina & I strongly recommend you give it a go too as you have more to gain than to lose.

Donna Matthews

Counsellor Dip BSC(Hons) Psychology, United Kingdom

Delina Dimova and I met a few months ago in Berlin, Germany. The occasion was a seminar on the topic of human consciousness. I was surprised when Delina, later, contacted me via Skype offering free coaching sessions on personal growth. So I was curious and immediately consented.

Although her coaching model is not taking into individual personality into account, Delina compensates for this limitation through her own rich and abundant personality and her bright mind. I still remember one particular coaching session with Delina cause of my feeling of a deep connection with her while we explored the nature of human reality and discovered new insights together which I would not have realized alone by myself.

I am totally convinced that personal transformation through coaching with Delina can be archived if you, the individual, seriously apply Delina’s methodology and you desire personal changes and growth. For the future, my wish for Delina is all the best and much success.

Michael Weick

Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration Engineer, Waischenfeld, Germany

LinkedIn Recommendations from My Peeps

you can get a feel for the creative consciousness program from reading the words of others. thank you.

I met Delina about a year ago. I was going through a difficult time in my personal life and also trying to set up a new business. I was struggling to stay focussed, I lacked confidence and would sometimes find myself spiralling into a well of depression and self-deprecation. Delina held out a hand and has coached me into finding what is good in myself, and this in turn is motivating me to move my ideas forward. There is still some way to go but from a situation of stagnation and stillness, I find myself moving forward and the momentum is picking up.

Delina’s style can be so subtle, finding and pulling the best of you into the open, it feels very natural and ‘of self’, and it is only when I look back that I can see how far I have come.

Delina’s guidance and experience have helped me to grow in confidence through self-appreciation and strength, to find focus and not be distracted by negative emotions and thoughts, and to really start to develop my business.

I still have some way to go, and the path has not always been easy or even, but with Delina’s instruction, I am sure of continued personal development and enterprise success.

I would recommend Delina as a life and development coach, she has changed my perspectives.

Lin M,

Green Entrepreneur


Ideation Sessions –  one or many as and when you need them.

Program with a title that you give it – 12 sessions over 3, 6 or 12 months.