Be Thoughtful

These guidelines apply to the card readings

  • You are fully responsible for yourself and once the card reading leaves our hands, it is entirely up to you what you do with it. We are released from any responsibility regarding your card reading.
  • You are not to ask for a card reading for someone else, it can only be about you. Third-party card readings will be declined. This means you cannot ask about Sally who is going out with John and what happens with them. It will need to be about you.
  • You are aware and agree that Seaside Card Readings is not a professional service that you can rely on. It is for entertainment purposes only. You must seek the appropriate professional support should you need some. For example, a card reading from us about your financial situation is only intended to serve as entertainment and it is not legal advice. You must find registered and certified financial advisors to help you with such questions.
  • You agree that we are not a medium service therefore you release Seaside Card Readings from any expectations that we can provide you with information from deceased ones.
  • You agree that your card reading will be delivered to your email within ten days after you purchased it. If you did not provide the necessary answers at check out when you are prompted to do so, then we shall contact you additionally. Once we are clear on what you want to ask for the cards, then we will be able to create your reading. We will send it to the email you provide at check out.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or deny a card reading at any time with no further clarification or explanation. During live card readings, we also reserve the right to end the call and refuse to serve you.
  • You are aware and you understand that your regular requests for guidance from us are appreciated however if it becomes obsessively regular, we reserve the right to refuse your card reading. We may also ask you to return after a certain period of time has passed.
  • You are entitled to a full refund if you ask for it in an email within 24 hours of purchase. If you request a refund after 24 hours it will be declined. A card reading is not a tangible product and it requires our time and attention to produce it. It cannot be returned after its creation.
  • You are aware and agree that we totally appreciate and respect your privacy. Seaside Card Readings do not take this lightly. You are giving us access to your personal space and we promise to keep everything strictly confidential. We are grateful for the trust you put in us and we request that you know this whole-heartedly.