I would like to share what’s been going on in my life these past few months.

You know, life is short and sweet. I learned this …



  • Been to Costa Rica for three months

  • Nearly died in the ocean – luckily I was rescued by surfers. Yes, this is the reason why I haven’t written for months. So many headlines went through my mind for a tasty blog post and I just never manage to write anything not because I didn’t want to share but because I found excuses like “I don’t have a laptop” or “I don’t wanna do it online” or whatever else right.

  • My beautiful gorgeous spanking new MacBook decided to stop working. During a meditation, just after Christmas and I went without a laptop for 4 months. Now I got LENOVO 2 in 1, I love it, and I managed to put the spare money into my credit card.

  • Got married. To a Canadian, business man, in Costa Rica so I am immigrating end of this year.

  • Viewed my life like this – the interior of my subconscious mind – energy got used up and even though I know it is infinite – I came back to UK instead of staying.

  • Came back for two reasons – 1. To pay my debt, a credit card of 5K that I incurred because of this business and because someone pushed me into it prematurely. 2. To see what happens between me and my friend who is also a lover of mine and whom I care for deeply – but that didn’t develop into anything since I realised the only man for me now is ~A~.



From now on, my blog will be about my life and not wisdom or lessons.

It will be about my life with ~A~ and his partner. Its a triangle you see. Breaking all the rules  – he is 30 years older than me. 😃 fucking love it.


*Prayer hands *


So let me over cap … Me and T, a special American guy I met in Costa Rica and nearly drowned with, got rescued by surfers from the Pacific Ocean rip tide on Full Moon on 11th of Feb. (11th one time)

By that point I had med ~A~ but I hadn’t proposed to him yet.

Nearly dying, seeing the white light, hearing the death sirens and resurrecting is freaking scary ok!!! It makes you think. What the f^&* is life all about. I went through all kinds of emotions, blame, shame, pain, hurt, unforgiving, to grateful, ecstatic, enthusiastic, afraid, unbearably annoyed at loud noises, scared, confident, brave, desiring, blame, shame, guilt, oh guilt a lot, and finally, the lesson was.


I matter.


You matter too! Whether you know it or not. You do.


It was real scary man. Big waves coming over, smashing me down, under water, lack of oxygen, praying for  my life.


It happened so fast, me and T were poodling around all lovey dovey and next thing we know, we cant touch the bottom, and we are being pulled in, into the big waves.


Scary, as f….




I haven’t been able to coach or read for people because I got traumatised. I am alright now and the last session I had was phenomenal with great results. The last card reading I had was awesome with guidance that just reaffirms what he already knew.

more on working with me here#

Got a job as a waitress to pay my debt. That’s ticking along nicely.

And ~A~ said ‘Yes’ to my marriage proposal. So … I am married … in the spiritual sense of the word – for now.

I cant wait to see his face at the alter and I can not wait to see my wife dressing me up on my wedding day, at which I will fucking cry… like a baby…. haha 😃

I bought myself two silver rings already and they resemble the engagement and wedding rings – that’s weird right?


Been guided to wear Silver this year, and Silver is the colour of the Divine Feminine. Very proud of that.

Also… blue… blue colour, blue dresses, its the colour for inflammation in our communication and language. Cool stuff right.


Now, ~A~ is a conscious man, very very handsome and I just love him but its hard dating a conscious man since none of my shit can get away from him and I cant hide anymore, anywhere…

My dad didn’t react well, my mum said he looks like a granddad  and my brother – he wasn’t bothered really and try to say its a good thing cos I will look after him when he is old instead of my dad.

Which is true. One of the main reasons I like old men is because I can care for them. Something extremely honourable in that.


I wanna get “knocked up” as soon as possible but first I garra get this 5K off my back. As well as work some magic for other stupid debts that are on my name. Energetically, I am resolving all this debt situation on Delina Dimova’s name. Any help is welcomed!


What else?


I live, work and eat in a Golf Club, in Dorset, called The Dudsbury Club and its cool. My supervisor is Bulgarian, she is 23 and she is on fire… There’s a big creepy wall poster that looks a little like this:

Face mask and collar

Giving Thanks to dukePHOTO for this photo and may I be released from obligation to ask their permission for using this photo on my blog.



All is well though. Absolutely lovely place to work in.

Oh yes…


FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS       – right!!! If you have red this book, great, if you haven’t, get on it. ~A~ recommended it to me and its a love story. 😃



My wife is born on 11th April, I nearly died on 11th February and I am born on 11th May. So 11th three times and totally receiving it as a significant number. BOOM.


Talk about creating your own reality – my advice – dispensable wisdom today is: