That feels earthy! Down and under. I like how it sits heavy with me.

This feminine force! I have been longing to feel it, to own it, to live it and at last it has arrived. Thankfully it came timely.

I have been toying with the idea for months and months, I have talked about it to guys and I have asked the universe for it since I felt it really is time for me to get more into my feminine and stop being so boisterous.

It felt like a dance, a teasing play where I am teasing out the femininity in me to come to the surface and take charge. Be in balance with the masculinity and voalaaa.

Side note

This sensual movement between my desire to feel the feminine energy and life not meeting me at the spot has reminded me of the ‘Flirting with Yourself’ that I teach about in the Playful Course. 

Compassionate and slightly negative really hit’s the spot for me. Somedays I get sick of the positivity out there and really just feel so good when I hear something more down and real. Like this quote here:


Robert Downey Jr and a wisdom saying, listen, smile, agree


This is the definition of being compassionate:

com-passion: requesting the best of someone while getting what they are going through

All in all I don’t know, the state of bliss comes and goes. We will forever be aiming to stay in bliss but it’s not fluid if we want to be in just one state and not multiple states, like the female orgasm for example.

This is a company that I love: OneTaste and TurnOnBritain

I would love to hear your voice on what does it mean to you ‘’to be flirting with yourself’’?

“Short and sweet” today, getting some of the “fluff” off and really sinking into the compassionate incorruptability that lives within the balance of these two energies.

Take this tweetable: Masculinity is positive and judgemental, Femininity is negative and compassionate.

We all have both of these, so check in with yourself which has been the dominating one lately.

Next week I will talk about the all important Simplicity in life with great recommendations for another interesting company that I love.

“That’s all, Love you bye”

With regards