I am one day late with my blog post and so I wanna talk about Completion as a movement, not as a destination.


  • broken promises
  • everything unforgiven
  • changed agreements
  • buried dreams
  • unresolved arguments
  • postponements
  • incomplete callings
  • incomplete relationships
  • fixed points of views
  • withholds
  • any form of attachment
  • resistance

When something is showing in your awareness: it is an incompletion

When it stops showing: it’s complete.

So when we talk about consciousness, we talk about the ability to see. I see.

For that to happen our attention needs to be freed up and so completion is how we ensure we have enough freed up attention so that our energy can flow where we want it. Energy flows where attention goes. If your attention is going to all that is incomplete and you are not acting on those incompletions so as to resolved them, you are letting energy flow away without it serving you.

Being complete is awesome. It gives you energy. It gives you an excuse to ask for completion from others.

For example, if you have unresolved argument, you can go back to that person with whom you have unresolved argument and say something like: “I feel incomplete about our arguments and in order for me to feel complete I acknowledge x y z and I decide to do x y z.”

That way, you are Being complete again. Empowered. 

It will be a good practice to go for a completion walk every week and see what have you done that week, what havent you done. Find completion by acknowledging yourself first and shifting towards gratitude.

On another note, The language of Love is so distinct, I will talk about Authenticity next week when I will explain more about it.

Here are three ways you can work with me:

  1. Tarot card reading
  2. Delina coaching model
  3. The playful way

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I love you.



p.s. I transcribed Matt Kahn’s transmission of Unity Consciousness relative to The end of the old paradigm and the ushering of the Golden Age of unity consciousness. I recorded myself reading the transcript. Here it is: