Upon coming to this earth, our Self got split (разцепи) into conscious (осъзнато) and unconscious (неосъзнато) Self (Аз). Now, our job is to become (бъдем) conscious of the unconscious so as to integrate it and become whole(цели) again while here in Earth.


What do I define as conscious?


Какво определям аз като осъзнат?

Conscious is somebody who is aware (наясно) of themselves as thinking, living, breathing creatures (същества) here on this Planet. A person who becomes aware of their actions and consequences (последици), who know to take responsibility (отговорност) for their happiness (щастие) and who is always seeking (дирене), learning (учене), searching (търсене) for more to know, for more to understand so as (така че) to feel whole again.

That of which we are aware оf, we are now conscious of it too.

Това със което сме наясно, е и това във което сме осъзнати.

But be careful, because the more we know the more chances we have to get stuck (забием) in infinite (безкрайна) moral (морална), social (социална) and spiritual (духовна) immaturity (недоразвитост, незрелост).

When will enough be enough to make me feel like I am mature enough?

Кога достатъчността ще е достатъчно достатъчна че да ме накара да се почуствам достатъчно узрял и развит?


What do I define as unconscious?

unconsciousКакво определям аз като неосъзнат?

Unconscious is everything that we are unaware of. It’s the dark matter, the grey area, the things we don’t know, we don’t know (нещата които не-знаем, че не-знаем). So we are looking to become conscious of ourselves, of our unconscious behaviours (поведения), beliefs (убеждения), processes and so on so that we become and feel Whole again.

Unconscious matter (неосъзнатата материя) is not personal or selective (не е лична или селективна), it’s more like a book keeper (щетовод) of all that has every happened to you. It keep track (държи рекорд) of all your promises (обещания), those you kept (изпълнени) and those you didn’t, but it doesn’t make a difference (не-прави разлика между) if they are big or small promises.

As a human race we want and need to become aware of our unconscious mind.

Като човешка раса ние искаме и се нуждаем да бъдем наясно със нашия неосъзнат акъл.

In the coming weeks I am going to let you know exactly how you can work with me. Also, next week I am going to talk about Sensitivity (Чувствителност).

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For more information on conscious and unconscious, as well as how we may be lining up (нареждаме, нагласяме) for the wrong thing again as a human race, please watch Teal Swan’s latest video on THE FUTURE.

From now on I will be adding Bulgarian versions of the words I use because my readership (читателство) is growing to both British and Bulgarian, and of course this is a chance to appreciate all of my international readers (читатели) as well.

I love you all.

Till such time.




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