Creative intelligence is when your own consciousness is playing tricks with you. 


Like not having anything, taking that to the extreme, the lack, the scarcity, the poor, the broken, and the road never ends. Also, the glamour and fame, or the shine and the bright, the wealth on this side of the crossroads. Both ends slap each other from the depths of their creative intelligence. It’s just genius. But to be able to observe that is the name of the game. 


You are free if you learn how to take things as they are. Currently, in life, we are observing the two polarities of any spectrum playing the roughest game ever. Creative consciousness is the portal because it puts you right back into that seat of the creator. 


Remembering that the response-ability is in your hands at all times and sometimes it is not about having a smart answer or pre-learned answer but about being honest and saying how you feel at that moment. Owning up to your experience all the time with zero distractions. Having said that, let me also add that this shit is not easy and losing your way is quite likely to happen. 


Furthermore, the best thing to do is to keep the people in your life who know what they are doing, and who can be observers of your life, keep them close. Reach out to them on a regular and maintain radio contact. 


Creative intelligence is closely linked in with language and the use of words. Power in your words is a real deal, I promise you that. Existing from aeons of years ago, the speech or the gift of the gab or the vocabulary richness that you possess are all basically predecessors of creative intelligence. Geniuses that I know use language in such a beautiful way, of course, they will be rich and poor at the same time. 


Intelligence though? Any kind of intelligence? Can you self-proclaim to be intelligent? Or do you need others to tell you, perhaps the IQ tests? 


I don’t know. I don’t know the answers to the universe. 


Creative consciousness coaching is my profession, you will see my diplomas here. What I love about this kind of coaching is that it uses questions to create some shizz. Open creative questions that make space for the unknown to drop in. I love it. 


Read about creative consciousness here. 


Critical and creative thinking. 


That’s what you need. If your creative intelligence is to be confirmed then your thinking must be critical and creative. I know myself, right I am the best at complicating things and then simplifying them and then finally bringing out the quintessence of it all. The senses of the human body must be open in order to perceive through your intuitive channels. When your intuition is working you are creatively intelligent.


Critical thinking occurs by nature because your senses are feeding back to you what is true at all times. Lies or illusions are noticed as another thing to notice without the reaction to them. Noise is perceived but so is silence. Creativity is at full display right in front and it’s again your own consciousness playing tricks with you. Everything is your responsibility but in order to own that spiritual growth is required. This kind of growing involves pain and hear me well when I say ‘not suffering’ because suffering is a choice, pain is not. Be critical in the way you think about the world and life. Don’t bother if others call that judgment, I know it is not. For clarification’s sake, judgement is to comment on someone’s looks, and critical and creative thinking is to notice the depth of someone’s being. 


Find a way to return to the seat of the creative self in you and the rest will follow. 😀 


I’m here if you need help with that.