Learning how to turn your sexual frustration into pleasure and drive.

If you are feeling sexually frustrated, I understand

If you feel pain, I hear you

Procrastinating and putting off stuff you know you need to do

Man, if today you are unmotivated, you can’t focus, and you are going about another day in isolation, I am right here with you.

If your indecisiveness is the norm,  you are not alone

If you have suppressed and oppressed your feelings or emotions, if you are somewhat feeling numb, I get that

I invite you to learn how to shift your sexual frustration into relief or motivation. Taking this opportunity to learn with me, will be one of the wisest decisions you make today. 

sexual frustration

Because otherwise…

its your day painting from delina

There is no flow, there is no creative joy, there’s more and more analysing

The sexual beast inside of you get’s louder

And it may push people away from you, rather than pull them closer

You don’t see your potential, or how to live up to it

The warmth of sexual arousal stays out of reach

The attraction for another is not coming to you

Your sexuality is just waiting and you never find time for it

Pleasure is not sexual pleasure, it’s something else. 

If you are ready to talk…

Your options are to give it a go or don’t give it a go, get on your yoga mat, meditate or go to a psychologist.

Another option would be watching porn, and getting a quick release. There are numerous other distractions like YouTube, food, movies, smoking, drinking, and just basically ignoring your desires.

You could also hire a coach or listen to self-empowerment speakers. You could also get involved in helping others and forget about what you want or need. 


If you decide you want to learn how to change your sexual frustration into abundance and creative joy then I can show you how. 

The solution I have for you is easy to understand. A safe space where you can explore.

It’s actually a methodology that if you apply… the results are awesome

It’s a style so subtle, finding and pulling the best of you into the open, feeling very natural and ‘of self’. 

Spend as long as you want in sexual arousal. Tap into higher states of consciousness. 

My solution to your sexual problems is a process that my clients call “extraordinary” and “fascinating”. 


Some of the results that have been reported are motivation returning, new-found self-belief, definitely more to gain than to lose, 

Discovered new insights together which you would not have realized alone by yourself

It’s a personal transformation at your fingertips. 


As I have said before, if you are ready to take a step forward, my hand is extended. Action. 

In the words of others


Working with Delina through the Creative Consciousness Coaching program was one of the most rewarding and insightful periods of my life. I highly recommend her creative coaching service which helped me significantly over the course of a year and I intend to use her services proactively in the future.

Andrew Cowan

Project Coordinator and Vision Holder at Harmonic Alchemy Retreat Community

delina 2

Had a week-long coaching session with Delina in the beautiful Bulgarian countryside! We got up early, had a vegetarian breakfast, drove to different spots in the Balkan mountain range and had individual yoga classes designed specifically for my own personal needs and expectations. Delina was very delicate as a coach to craft a specific personalized experience, asked questions in a delicate manner and overall I had a wonderful experience receiving Delina’s guidance.


Would definitely recommend Delina as a life coach and yoga guide!

Juris Krumgolds

Software Developer at Sia Binitex

Your wisest and most sensible move today would be to connect with your sexuality, feel the warmth of it and perhaps see why this time in isolation because of the pandemic  (COVID) is useful to you…

Here’s the deal 

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I will put aside enough time for you and me to talk and based on your answers, I can ensure to provide you with exactly what you need. It will be awesome to meet you in real-time.


I am looking forward to it.