Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 7

in this river….

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 6

a preditor emerges…

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 5

sunbathing crocodiles

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 4

flexible crocodiles

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 3

big crocodiles

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 1

Feeding crocodiles


I hope you enjoy the pictures. Please leave a comment, I would love to hear what you think. If you reply back to the email, only I get to read your response.


In addition…

Offering great readings here!!! Lovely vibes and postive energy when you get on a call with me, I will ensure you get clarity and eliminate confusion. There are six spreads and basically what happens is you tell me what you want guidance with and I will advice you on which spread to go for. Then you set your intention, as strong and as focused as you can and I will tune into you, then pull as many cards as the chosen spread says. Then we read each card and if you need me to support you further with actionable steps – I will.

It takes 30 minutes or so. And I charge 20 of-what-ever-your-currency-is.

The six spreads are:

  1. Specific question or situation
  2. Time (past, present, future)
  3. Relationships
  4. Life path potentional
  5. Bird’s eye view of your life
  6. In-depth view of a specific situation

It’s great fun and very energising and like, for example, my last reading was a very awakening one.

That said. I love you and leave you. Please write to me and also check out some other ways we can work together.

How we can work together


Love, love, and more love.