Hi everyone,


It’s been a while because the 30 Days Life Coach is a disaster I’m bringing out my new Delina coaching model.


Nice and easy, inspired by my latest work.


So I have been on the roller coaster of life working at my family relationships and really opening up to spend time with my friends and family even though I judge them about that they eat meet, smoke, drink alcohol and over-work themselves.

Accepting where everyone is at, is super important if you want to feel peace and calm. Also, that goes for yourself. Accept and honour where you are at today. If you don’t know where you are at today, I will be happy to hold the mirror up high for you.


It’s summer time, everyone is in the full swing of the party. Some are not.


I can keep acknowledging what is and what not but the bottom line I think is that we have got to distribute some resources. Be it a smile, or information, or a prayer, or physically go out there and volunteer.


So here is my new coaching model:

  1.  Love and compassion
  2. Practical work and the steps to follow to help the completion circle with the shadow aspect and the emotional part.
  3. a holistic model of coaching procedure/protocol that works
  4. self-adjustments, doing what is good for you


So whether you wanna receive some love and compassionate over-standing, or some practical guidance on how to achieve let’s say confidence or freedom from grief, or perhaps it is a goal attainment need in which case we will use the Creative Consciousness Coaching protocol that is holistic and works, or it’s simply the permission for self-adjustment relative to work, personal situations, relationships, etcetera. I am here for you offering a Free, no obligation, Skype Call. Talk.

Skype Talk

My new coaching model was inspired during one of my regular coaching session. Thank you Gigi Knightly. Now, I want to let you all know about it.

Im also super happy to show my face and show you this lovely little spot I found in the middle of the corn field.

It matches my golden hair colour so well, right? ­čśÇ

Delina in a corn field with gold hair colour and the wind at play

Enjoy the summer heat whereever you are. I would love to hear from you, hit reply, leave me  comment, get in touch.

With love and with light




p.s. if you can benefit from my coaching model, please get in touch with me. One way or another. You may not even be clear yet on how I can help, but still, hit reply and get in touch.